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ProNebu Portable Nebulizer Review: Is It Worth It?

Whenever we go outside with a patient with respiratory disease, the first thing we need to do is to ensure whether he has taken an inhaler with himself or not. In case of any emergencies, if we do not end up having such devices, there may be a chance of losing one’s own life. In this portable nebulizer review, we’re going to give you the ProNebu portable nebulizer review .

Focusing on this situation, a pocket-sized portable nebulizer has been introduced by ProNebu that requires no add-ons, such as tubing or compressor to rely on.

In this portable nebulizer review, we’re focusing on the ProNebu portable nebulizer.

ProNebu Portable Nebulizer

A handy and portable nebulizer is all we need to depend on. ProNebu nebulizer ensures this matter, and that is why it has become one of the functional tools in the arena of treatment by bringing up a solution to your lung disease.

Although this exclusive medical-purposed nebulizer is used as assistance to breathing, the top-rated technology used in this device can split liquid into decent particles. This device changes its area of medication to pass directly into your lungs by transitioning from liquid to a mist.

Moreover, this nebulizer applies to both infants and grown-ups, ensuring the noiseless medication. The popularity of the PronNebu nebulizer does not include only portability. Besides, this nebulizer has the “Mesh” technology where the liquid is drawn through thousands of microscopic holes through creating a finely atomized fog.


  • Easy to carry without any need of air source.
  •   Inaudible treatment.
  • Children and infants can use this nebulizer.
  •   Miniature and handy device.
  • A mouthpiece comes with this nebulizer for optional usage.
  •   Non-chargeable.
  • It takes less time to complete medication.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • There is no use of tubing and extra parts.
  • Affordable Price.
  • Storage-free.


  • Inhaling the nebulizer solution to disinfect causes harm.


It covers all ages

We have already said that this nebulizer can be used upon children, old covering all ages of people.

The matter of Power gaining

 If any of you is thinking of its power, you need to hear that these nebulizers achieve power from the batteries and a USB power cord.

Takes less time

 The treatment using this nebulizer takes less time than any other typical nebulizer. It only takes Five to Seven minutes, including an ideal unit dose of 3ml. But, the time varies on the liquid and type of medication prescribed by your doctors.

Type of Medication

You can use the ProNebu in every type of medication, similar to a traditional jet nebulizer.

No requirements of coordination

 The use of mash technology leads this nebulizer to deliver medication directly to your lungs without any tubing and accessories.

The use of ProNebu in treating health conditions 

Any breathing difficulties, for example, asthma, COPD, bronchitis, allergies, and pneumonia require using this ProNebu for instant support.

It ensures better nebulization

 An isotonic saline solution adds better liquid volume, ensuring proper nebulization.

It comes in different sizes of Mouthpieces

This nebulizer maximizes our convenience by bringing several types of masks specially designed for children and adult versions.

A storage-free work device

You can use this nebulizer in any place regardless of institutions, your own house, working areas, and even on outdoor events. Also, it does not take much storage to your purse or any back ensuring better accessibility.

Technical Specifications

  1. Power should be at least 2.0W. (2xAA) Batteries are not included in the power supply.
  2. The sound level is less than 25 dB.
  3. The capacity of the Medication Chamber is 8 ml.
  4. The size of particles will not be more than 5um. The decent size is between (1-5 um).

Why Is It Worth It?

The Capability to tackle down COPD, RSV, and COVID-19 Diseases

The narrow airways created by chain smokers lead to the disease named- Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). This disease may cause patients to keep nebulizers with them all time. Patients affected by both the Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) and the trending COVID-19 require keeping nebulizer, as there is a high chance of lung infection.

Due to the shortage of oxygen support in the hospital during the COVID-19 era, you may need to rely on this portable nebulizer for additional support at your home. This nebulizer can tackle such diseases without any dilemma.

The Know-How to Utilize ProNebu Nebulizer Effectively

We have aforementioned that this device is portable compared to other traditional nebulizers, including tubing and add-ons. Portability does not mean that it is easy to carry. It also covers the procedures of utilizing efficiently without any hassles. Now, we will be viewing the process of using this medical device in the following steps.

Firstly, this is a general rule that you need to wash your hands before touching any medical device. In the device, you may see a liquid cup at the top. You need to pour your doctor-prescribed medication after opening that liquid cup of ProNebu Nebulizer.

After that, you need to install the mouthpiece or the adapter on the ProNebu, ensuring your convenience.

To turn on ProNebu, you need to press the “power” button.

Afterward, you have to keep a fixed seal and breathe in the atomized mist before completing the entire procedure.

Once you have utilized the ProNebu properly, you need to press again the “Power” button to switch it off.

Finally, you need to shake any excess moisture out smoothly and leave the nebulizer open to dry on a towel. 

Nebulizers Buying Guide

Choosing the best-fit nebulizer is tricky, as it depends on the nature of one's disease, prescribed medication, the ability to use it for the long term, and so on. You may need to consider some typical factors regarding buying any nebulizer, no matter traditional or portable.

Among those primary factors, there are few factors to be mentioned, for example, Types, Sizes, the procedures for using, accessories, design, the delivery system of medication, and other vital areas.

In the following section, we will be describing briefly every factor of consideration. These are:

Framework: Home or Portable

Before the arrival of portable nebulizers, we have seen the home models, which require accessories: wires, tubing, etc. Now this is the era of advanced technology to flourish even in the field of the nebulizer. Portable ones now come in a mini and “easy-to-carry” size that fits up in suitcase, purse, and backpacks. However, there is a difference in their connectivity. Home models of nebulizers cannot work without electric power where portable ones cover their necessities using rechargeable batteries and USB ports.

Types of Nebulizer

Ultrasonic, Mesh, and Jet

The type of nebulizer depends on their delivery of medicine using a variety of mechanisms. The abovementioned three names are quite phenomenal among designs. Your medication and doctors’ suggestion will lead you to choose a particular type of device.

Ultrasonic Nebulizer

This nebulizer uses ultrasonic waves to create a liquid mist without any additional liquids and costing any time. This nebulizer comes in a compact, in most cases, a portable size.

Mesh Nebulizer

 People consider this nebulizer as the most efficient working device that leaves an aerosol mist with a vibrating membrane. Also, this battery-powered nebulizer comes in an “easy-to-handle” size. In the areas of traveling, a mesh nebulizer is going to be a top choice for you.

Jet Nebulizer

 This large type of nebulizer creates a liquid mist by using compressed air with the assist of an electoral source. That means, they hardly come in a portable manner, rather they follow the traditional usage.

Handy or Tabletop: The Variety of Design

Nebulizer design is nothing but the realization of one’s convenience. It reflects your desire to use it in a homely manner or handheld manner. If you are only going to use it at home, you can have the nebulizer design containing more weight.

Instead, you can also look for a nebulizer that fits perfectly in the hand palm. On the other hand, several asthma patients need a nebulizer that is portable and easy to travel.

Also, you need to consider how often you are going to use the nebulizer. Frequent users should have a tabletop-designed nebulizer that suits the intensive care of your ailment. Besides, as we have said earlier if you want to take your nebulizer along with you in different places, the portable and lightweight nature will be recommendable.

The Delivery System of Medication

Three Designs Atomizer, Vibrating Mesh, and Ultrasonic Wave

Nebulizers deliver a specific medication by attaining a particular design method. The commonly used designs are atomizers, vibrating, and ultrasonic. The nature of these designs is given below:


 In this case, nebulizers use a compressor to deliver medication by sending a jet of air directly to the attached liquid medication.

Vibrating Mesh

The mesh delivery system ensures efficiency by preventing the waste of medication especially seen in atomizer models. Here, nebulizers cause a mist for inhalation with a screen full of thousand laser-drilled holes.

Ultrasonic Models

These nebulizers use a compressor that is not lightweight. But, they are capable of using high-frequency vibrations to exterminate medicine.

The Noise Level of Nebulizer

When nebulizers act upon children, they get scared of the noise created by nebulizers. This section depends on your personal preference as there are both types of nebulizers available in the market. At the time of night, the use of a noise-free nebulizer will work as a blessing to many ensuring the highest comfort.

Medication Delivery and Its Speed

In the middle of an asthma attack, the efficiency of a nebulizer shows up. Four to Eight liters per sixty seconds is the ideal capacity of any nebulizer. Also, you may find the specific airflow rates in the manual guide.

Accessories of Nebulizer

A nebulizer comes with an air compressor, a mouthpiece, and air filters. There is the frequent problem of leakage of the mist in a mouthpiece or the nebulizer mask. That is why, before buying a nebulizer, one should select the best-fit mouthpiece along with the device.

While talking about the air filters, we suggest you keep the nebulizer free from dust and other issues. Before selecting a nebulizer, you need to see if it goes compatible with your air filters or not.

If you lose any accessories, do not hesitate to contact the legal dealer of your product to find out the counterpart.

For whom you are going to buy a nebulizer?

You may buy a nebulizer for a child that is designed especially for kids including colorful themes. An infant requires having a proper nebulizer mask and you need to make sure its accessibility before buying.

Cleaning Method

To prevent infections, keeping your nebulizer clean should be the prime concern. The device (electronic or medical) gets clogged up, and it needs more time to exist as long-lasting.

The nebulizer machine comes with a guide manual where the cleaning instructions are written down elaborately. It is an obvious matter that every machine does not have similar instructions.

Apart from the manual guide, you need to find a dust-free place where you want to clean your device. The nebulizer cup along with the mouthpiece needs to be cleaning up using soapy water and air dry.

Sometimes, the manual guide suggests disinfecting your device every week using a vinegar-water solution. However, nebulizer parts last at least six months. Whichever method you follow, be sure to be careful so that you don’t accidentally break or damage your device.

Final Words

After considering all these mentioned factors, you may proceed to buy a suitable nebulizer with keeping the pace of budget, nature, and your preference. One thing you must follow is to maintain your comfort. There are many famed nebulizers available in the market.

But, you may find them in a poor condition. Besides the market, you may find them in online shops, pharmacies, and medical kit suppliers.

The features and procedures regarding the ProNebu portable nebulizer ensure top-notch quality in every sense. We would love to buy this product because of its pocket size, noiseless feature, and delivery methods. We really cannot deny its importance in this situation of COVID-19.

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