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Best Pre-Emergent for Zoysia Grass

For large yards, Zoysia grass is considered to be a low-maintenance alternative. Unfortunately, this grass is not resistant to weeds that are both bothersome and invasive. Choosing the right pre-emergent for Zoysia grass is indeed an essential part of maintaining a healthy lawn. This guide on the best Pre-Emergent for Zoysia Grass will help you get the right kind of pre-emergent for a Zoysia Grass lawn.

Best Pre-Emergent for Zoysia Grass

We understand how difficult it is to browse through all of the items. As a result, you can go through the table below to browse the brands and click on the one you'd like to learn more about.




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Preen 2464083

Comes with a flip top applicator

Can be used on edibles

Stop weed growth for 3 months 


 It’s a herbicide for broadleaf weeds

Suitable for use in both warm and cool season

Best when applied before weeds start to grow

Dimension 2EW

Water based product containing 2 lbs of an active ingredient named dithiopyr in per gallon

Comes in half gallon and 2.5 gallon jars

Targets carpetweed, bitter cress, chickweed and multiple other types of weeds

Quali-Pro Prodiamine

Comes in a bottle of 5 pounds

Can be used with iron solutions and fertilizers

Uses 65 percent of an active ingredient named Prodiamine

Scotts 49900

Comes with a simple spring applicator

One bag can cover upto 5000 sq ft of lawn

Best when applied before weeds start to grow

Scotts Turf Builder

Can cover a land of up to 5000 square feet

Comes in a jar of 13.35 lbs

Has to be used with water

1. Best Pre-Emergent for Zoysia Grass: Preen 2464083

Preen 2464083

Preen is a fantastic pre-emergent for Zoysia Grasses. This weed preventer is suitable for killing weeds even before they start growing. For three months, it is assured to prevent weeds from spreading. You may also use this powder around your flowering, shrubby, and tree plants.

There seems to be 200 varieties that are considered to remain safe when using this weed killer. Summer, autumn, and spring are the perfect times to use the stuff.

However, you can research whenever your weeds typically grow in your field. If there are weed growths already, the pre-emergent will not work. This substance should not be used on the grass, according to the manufacturer. It was created mainly for using in the gardens. This limits its use, but it is suitable for big gardens.


  • It will cover anywhere from 2,080 to 5,000 square feet sized gardens
  • Keeps the weed from spreading
  • Easy to pour due to its applicator


  • Needs to be used at the right time

2. Best Pre-Emergent for Zoysia Grass:


Ferti Lomebroadleaf

The Broadleaf weed control by Ferti-Lome  is a pre-emergent weed killer that kills weeds before they emerge. It's ideal for growing Zoysia grass. It doesn't produce any fertilizers, so it's ideal for use in the winter. Many forms of noxious weeds are stopped in the tracks by the Ferti-Lome weed control.

Unlike certain herbicides, it does not depend on cornstarch. Its main ingredient, isonxaben, is extremely strong. Because of these minor variations, it is very powerful and long-lasting. It may also be used to control henbit, foxtail, and goose grass. Purslane, wild carrot, yellow nutsedge, and thistle, to name a few, are all killed by it.


  • Can be used in any weather condition
  • Works fast
  • Lasts for a long time


  • Not suitable to use on golf course

3. Best Pre-Emergent for Zoysia Grass:

Dimension 2EW

Dimension 2ew

The 2EW herbicide by Dimension is a pre-emergent herbicide of specialist grade. It keeps the lawn clean of weeds for weeks at a time. It's just so professional that it'll need your signature when it's shipped. After the substance dries on your turf, this non-staining, low-odor solution can blend in sprayers which are clean.

It is effective against a wide range of weeds. Smut grass, crabgrass and 40 other types of weeds are all prevented by Dimension's product. It can also be used both before and after weeds have germinated.

We considered this to be a critical aspect. To activate this product, the lawn should obtain water of about half inch within seven days of its application. Go through the safety guidelines by the manufacturer and application speeds on all herbicides. 


  • Covers a large yard in no time
  • Help prevent weed growth even before they sprout
  • Does not have a strong bad odor


  • Does not work well on muddy or wet grass

4. Best Pre-Emergent for Zoysia Grass:

Quali-Pro Prodiamine

Quali Pro Prodiamine

The Quali-Pro label could be perfect if you're in search for a pre-emergent herbicide which can be used on your lawn. The 65WDG Prodiamine is used to manage weeds in broadleaf and grassy fields. It also has a versatile implementation process.

You should use it during the fall or spring because of this. This product can also be used to suppress crabgrass. The product comes in only a bottle of five pounds. It can, however, be used again and again over the year. As a result, you can keep it in an airtight bag it came in. This pre-emergent herbicide could be applied to a wide range of locations.

Landscaping, turf, golf courses, nurseries and areas surrounding trees are all examples. Henbit, knotweed, and bluegrass are also prevented from sprouting. It is intended to be working quickly and function till three months since it contains 65 percent of prodiamine.

It's important to remember that it comes in granular shape. After you've applied the substance, you'll need to water the field.


  • Easy to apply
  • Fast acting and can be used on various types of weeds
  • Suitable for both small and large gardens


  • Does not work well in cool weather

5. Scotts 49900

Best Pre-Emergent for Zoysia Grass

Is your yard overrun with crabgrass as well as other leafy weeds? If that's the case, you can look into the Scotts product, which will prevent weeds from sprouting and rising from the first phase. A single bag of this substance will span up to 5,000 square feet. All that you will need is one application to keep crabgrass at bay for the whole season.

Before any growing season, you have to reapply this pre-emergent herbicide. This mostly happens in the spring. However, after you've applied it, you won't see any weed issues for the rest of the season.

It can also be used during the fall for keeping winter weeds at bay. Chickweed, henbit, and poa annua, are examples. Rain, snow and cold temperatures will have little impact on the product's efficiency.

In reality, after applying this weed killer, you can water the lawn. The rain will do it for you and will save you an extra step if you time it correctly.


  • Applicable for use in all weather
  • Contains a lot of product in one bag
  • Suitable for large yards


  • Needs to be applied on a specific time during a season

6. Scotts Turf Builder

Best Pre-Emergent for Zoysia Grass

Is there a ton of weeds growing in your lawn? If this is the case, the Turf Builder by Scotts can be used in the next growth season. It provides fertilizer to protect the lawn and stops crabgrass from spreading. The product's aim is to prevent the plant from invading the lawn.

A fertilizer is used as well. That means the grass can grow greener faster and also have deeper and stronger roots. This commodity can be used in both fall and spring season. Furthermore, cold weather, snow, or rain would have little effect on this pre-emergent herbicide's results.

This means that you could use it even though the outlook for next day isn't promising. Of course, better outcomes come from watering the lawn between 1/4 to 1/2 inch after applying the powder a few days later.

As a result, spreading this herbicide-fertilizer combination a few days prior it is supposed to rain according to the forecast. You won't have to spray the grass yourself this way. Since you will not be using your resources to spray the yard, you'll save money.


  • When added with a fertilizer, it keeps you lawn greener for longer
  • Suitable for use in any weather
  • Even though it comes in a small bag, it can cover a large space of land


  • Cannot be used for all types of weeds

Buying Guide

The first line of protection against weeds is pre-emergent herbicides. During  winter, zoysia need not be fertilized. However, applying a pre-emergent herbicide on your lawn during the winter season is a brilliant idea, since it   results in a more beautiful lawn in the summer.

Herbicides applied before seed germination create an invisible membrane that stops seeds from rooting. Preventing the germination process can stop weeds from sprouting.

Many pre-emergent herbicides are useful for 30 to 60 days after the application. If the temperature rises, many items can need a new application. The existing weeds in your lawn would not be killed by pre-emergent materials. 

The Dimension brand is ideal for those in search for a pre-emergent for Zoysia grass.  It includes Dithiopyr, a solution which can destroy already sprouted weeds. As a result, you can apply it before or after any weeds appear. It may be applied to existing lawns, industrial areas, and also on ornamental turfs.

These include rough golf course fairways and tee boxes.  Of course, it's effective against crabgrass but it may not be as effective against other weeds.

The intention is to apply it when the weather can't be predicted.  It's impossible to predict when weeds will appear. It could be chilly one day again warm the next day and weeds will appear out of nowhere.

When to use a Pre-emergent Herbicide

Pre-emergent herbicides are better used during the fall or the early spring season. They can be used all year long, but they would only stop new weeds from growing. Since multiple types of weeds will be targeted by spring applications, you'll need to identify which weeds you're trying hard to keep at bay.

If you need to apply a seasonal herbicide, suppose during fall, you're trying to keep winter weeds at bay. Timing too is crucial in this situation. To prevent the winter weeds from sprouting, the best timing would be to add some pre-emergent herbicide during late summer or at early fall. 

How to use a Pre-emergent Herbicide

Pre-emergent herbicides are used in the spring to inhibit the growth of summer weeds. This covers grassy and broadleaf varieties. Until applying the product, ensure that the temperature of the soil is around 55°F or 13°C, better if higher, for at least 36 to 72 hours.

This occurs in most areas of the United States around March and April. If you're applying granular materials, make sure they are watered after applying. This aids the active ingredient's penetration into the soil. Liquid pre-emergent materials, on the other hand, must be watered as well. This occurs when the active ingredients are trapped within the plants.

As a result, it is unable to penetrate the surface when applied. When the soil temperature drops below 70°F or 21°C, add the herbicide to control fall weeds. It's safest to do it for around 5 days straight when the temperature is around mid-70s. 

Final Thoughts

It could still be difficult to choose the right pre-emergent herbicide with six options to consider. The Dimension brand, we think, contains everything you may require.

Although a pre-emergent herbicide is intended to be applied before any weeds grow, it can be difficult to predict when it would be. You won't have to be concerned as much if you use this herbicide. You can get rid of weeds that haven't germinated. If any do appear, you can eliminate them using the same product.

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