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8 Best Portable Air Conditioner For Camping 2020 Ultimate Guide


Portable Air Conditioner For Camping. Camping is not always a refreshing or appealing experience. Sometimes when you are heading out on camping adventure, to have a peaceful and tranquility sleeping can have the opposite truth.

Out in nature, what you certainly get is a quiet and peaceful environment. You can wake up in your tent in the middle of summer heat that makes you feel stressed out, dehydrated, and feels like in a sauna.

But if you do not want that to happen and want to spend money on the right equipment, then you will have a good night’s sleep in the great outdoors, and have your dreams. The equipment to provide you with a great sleep while having summer camping experience is a portable air conditioner unit for camping.

Today you might be looking at portable AC units for camping. It would be time to be alive when you bring your air conditioner unit along.

It is easier to fall asleep and stay in a deep sleep in your tent where you are sleeping in is at a lower temperature. So because you do not want to sleep in the hot air, come equipped with a portable air conditioner for camping.

List of the best portable air conditioner for camping.

1. Black + Decker Portable Air Conditioner

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So many people have trusted the Black & Decker brand for many years. The Black & Decker BPACT14HWT Portable Air Conditioner is a long-lasting and high-quality product.

The portable air conditioner product is perfect for camping because the vent hose was five feet long, which let you point the AC unit towards the tent. If you have a 350 square foot tent, this 14.000 BTU unit is an excellent choice at cooling a large family tent fresh all day.

The weight is at 83 pounds and must be stored upright. Make sure you have enough space in the tent.

When you are camping in the winter, you can use the product as a heater. So you can use the unit when it is hot during the day and cold at night.

If you set up correctly, it can cool or heat large enclosures. Its noise is less of a concern while in operation, so you do not get disturbed when you are trying to sleep.

2. Emerson Quiet Kool Portable Air Conditioner

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This Emerson Quiet Kool portable air conditioner can fit and serve smaller tents for two to four people. The product features are ideal for a camping situation outdoor.

The product has wheels for easy to move around and weigh only 53 pounds with both side handles. You must give it a little space inside your tent.

Its nice ventilation system can easily be placed in a door vent or window of your tent. You can enjoy the air because it can work as a dehumidifier.

This model has a built-in evaporation technology, so you do not need to empty a drip pan every four to six hours on a humid day.

While in operation, this portable AC unit is quiet. Its remote control and timer options let you set and forget when you are going to go out enjoying your adventure.

3. Uninex Indoor/Outdoor KOOLZONE Mobile Spot Cooler

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Many verified purchasers love this Uninex spot cooler because they can bring your home AC to your tent in a mini version. It can not come inside your tent but will sit on the outside of your tent.

The product will vent cold air into the tent to make you comfortable during the day. Because of this, you can have more tent space and have an industrial-strength cooling.

It comes in dual mode, which you can use it as a heater for cold nights. It is an excellent choice for camping as well as outdoor gatherings like parties, weddings, and celebrations.

4. hOmeLabs 5000 BTU Window-Mounted Air Conditioner

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This portable air conditioner for camping unit from hOmeLabs weighs at 37 pounds so you can bring it along on a camping trip with ease. You will feel comfortable because it will do its job in a reliable and compact manner.

According to many verified purchasers, it is an effective and affordable cooling option for smaller areas like your tent. The maximum area that can be covered by this air conditioner unit is 100 square feet (for tent type of wall) with a washable filter and built-in leaf guard.

It is suitable and can make two to four people comfortably in the tent.

5. Ontel Arctic Personal Air Cooler

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The best features for this Ontel Personal Air Cooler are the functions. This air cooler has three functions, including purifying, dehumidifying, and cooling.

In the 45 square feet tent, it cools the surrounding air. Just enough to cool down two people inside. If your tent has only a small space, it is an excellent choice.

The air cooler will not be suitable for cooling large areas. All you have to do is to fill with water, plug it into any USB port.

You can enjoy the cool air up to 8 hours per fill. It is easily movable because it weighs 3 pounds.

Its quiet operation can make you feel comfortable while inside the tent.

6. GoCool 12V Portable Semi Truck Cab Air Conditioner For Camping Tent & RV Camper

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This GoCool 12V Portable Air Conditioner weighs at 33 pounds so it can easily be moved. The dimension of the product is made for small spaces.

If you are camping for two people, this cooler would be ideal for a tiny tent. The cooler holds up to 40 pounds of ice for providing coolness in the tent.

It runs on a battery that lasts up to six hours, and that is why it is quiet without exhaust. It is easy to set up to get relief from the heat inside your tent.

7. Honeywell Compact 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner

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This Honeywell portable air conditioner model can give powerful conditioning and airflow in a compact and small. It is designed for indoor use, and you will need an electric hookup or an RV site.

This could be an excellent choice for you if you are affected by the heat while in the tent. It weighs at 45/49 pounds with smooth-gliding wheels to ensure its portability and maneuverability.

It is quite as it is running with its 24-hour energy-saving timer and remote control. You can do the easy maintenance with a filter change alert and washable filter.

8. Zero Breeze Z19-B Portable Air Conditioner for Camping

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This Zero Breeze Z19-B Portable Air Conditioner is perfectly adapted and suited to your camping needs. It is equipped with a built-in 1100 BTU patented micro compressor.

You can feel the coolness because it can provide you with a drop temperature from 90℉ to 72℉. You can use it in a 50 square feet tent.

It comes with four additional features, including LED lighting, a fan, a USB charging station, and Bluetooth music player. While having a cool temperature, you can also be entertained on your camping.

This Zero Breeze Z19-B Portable Air Conditioner is weighing at 12.8 pounds for an easy maneuver. Once you have the product, you can have a quick installation. Snap the drain hose and exhaust hose into the port, then insert the power cord, you are ready to go.

You can utilize a 12V car battery, gas, a wall outlet, propane, and lithium-powered portable generator. It is the perfect portable AC for all for your camping needs, according to many verified purchasers.

Types of air conditioner for camping

1. 12V portable air conditioner

Battery-powered air conditioner units are more accessible to set up and easier to use. Unfortunately, they are less robust and reliable than electric air conditioner models.

However, if you have a small tent, a 12V portable air conditioner units are compact and a perfect fit for smaller spaces. These battery-powered air conditioner units work if you fill the unit with ice and a small fan to convert the energy into cool air.

These 12V portable air conditioner units are recommended for personal use and a two or four-person tents.

2. Small portable air conditioners

This air conditioner is more powerful than window air conditioners. These portable air conditioner units are for cooling spaces up to four hundred square feet at 12.000 BTUs.

Generally, they weigh up to 100 pounds and have set of wheels to move them around. Portable air conditioner units still require a smaller hose for ventilation.

Some of them worked as dehumidifiers and equipped with an internal tray that collects water. The unit will automatically turn off when the water bucket fills up. Turn on again when it is empty.

3. Spot Coolers

Spot coolers are the most powerful portable air conditioners. It can run at 15.000 BTUs.

Most buyers look to use them for a permanent location like a workshop or garage. You can use them for camping with extra heavy lifting and extra set up.

4. Window air conditioner

These units can supply cool air to a small apartment. They run at 5.000 BTUs.

For 150 square feet of a tent, this air conditioner is a perfect choice. It requires a ventilation spot that is suitable for the entire unit. These units can provide cooling comfort for most tent sizes.

What to consider purchasing a portable air conditioner for camping

1. Power source

This is the most important factor to consider when purchasing a portable air conditioner for camping. You must know if there is electricity at your campsite, and most public campsites provide electricity hook-ups with various voltage depend on the location.

Before going on camping, discover how many amps the campsite hook-ups allow. You should know that the campsite can provide between 5 amps to 16 amps.

If you have this number, you can choose the right appliance to bring along and will save you from blowing a circuit. Be sure to equip yourself with an outdoor extension cord to reach your appliance.

If you use a 12V battery for your air conditioner unit, consider bringing along back-up batteries and how you will recharge the unit.

2. Tent size

Your tent size will determine the type of portable air conditioning unit to buy. Tents sizes are 4-person, 6-person, 12-person tents. Tents are not designed to give extra space for an air conditioner or other items.

You have to discover the square footage of your tent and measure the space for an air conditioning unit. Be sure to give a space for each person about 30 square feet of space to be comfortable.

Calculate also how many people will be sleeping in a shared space in the tent. Keep in mind that it would be much cooler with one person than with eight-person.

3. The BTUs

You would assume that the higher the BTUs, the more power it has, and the bigger space the air conditioner can cool. BTUs are British Thermal Units, and BTUs are numbers given to appliances that display how much energy it will use to heat or cool a particular space.

A small two-person tent with a portable air conditioner that runs at 15.000 BTUs will cool the air inside the quicker. However, it is not a recommended action because it will shorten your product’s lifespan for not working at a level intended. You have to be sure to purchase the proper BTU.

4. Noise level

The most concern about portable air conditioner is the level of noise. Fortunately, you do not need to worry because of the noise level because the natural surroundings will soak up any sound from the portable air conditioner.

Find an air conditioner unit that does not have more than 70 dBa or decibel level. Anything under 60 will not disturb anyone.

5. Maneuverability

Portability or maneuverability is an exciting factor in purchasing an air conditioner for camping. Some campers will not have the hassle of bringing an eighty pounds air conditioner unit on a camping trip.

This effort might be a big problem with other campers. Before purchasing the unit, calculate how much weight you are willing to carry, measure how big of an air conditioner unit you can transport, and how you can move the unit while camping.

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