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Jet Washer For Cars


Jet Washer For Cars

Jet Washer For Cars

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Since the old days, garden hose had been used as tools to wash cars.

But the last 4-5 years, car pressure washer had gained exploded popularity and the purpose of car pressure washer or jet washer for cars is not just to clean cars but also has become all round cleaning tools.

You will know how a high quality car pressure washer is effective at cleaning anything they are pointed at rather than just using garden hose.

Washing your car using car pressure washer on a regular basis helps you get benefits.

Let’s face it:

You have to get rid of the dust, dirt, tree bark saps and bird droppings to preserve your car’s body and overall integrity, whether you do it on a regular basis or not.

Here is the fact:

The dirt the dust and everything, can be damaging to your car’s paint.

Choices are either you want to wash your car with car pressure washer or you can drive your car to a nearby car wash.

The benefits of cleaning your cars.

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  • Keep your car as good as new and looking like new. All car owners loves new cars. They smell like new, shiny, attractive. Why wouldn’t anyone want their cars stayed looking new? All you have to do is wash them regularly and you can use car pressure washer combined with soap wash. If you do not have car pressure washer, you can always use your garden hose. It takes about 30 minutes to wash a car. When it is clean it will look like new, look shiny and look attractive.
  • The dirt and the dust is damaging to your car. You might think dirt is only an annoyance, but in reality, dirt is very damaging. Dirt that is left unwashed off the surface of your car can scratch your paint. And if left untreated for, that scratch can turn into a small chip. Dirt left to stay on your car will wear out the protective coat off and can fade your color. The dirt can also act as sandpaper that can wear down and weaken the paint. Dirt can also mix with pollutants and rain, this may cut the paint off the surface. When paint that protects the body of the car is exposed, the rust and corrode will start. When the rust start, it will slowly eat away other parts of the car. When you wash your car regularly, even with your garden hose, will not cost much more compare to the expense of treatment for rust.
  • Improve the safety of driving the car. By washing and cleaning the windshields, all the windows, inside and out, will give you much more clear visibility for you, other road user, your passengers and pedestrians. The sun glare might potentially inhibiting your clear vision as you drive along. Especially important during the summer season when the glare can catch any slight marks on the windshield, leading to sun dazzle which can block your view. Those signal lights must be clear of marks, dirt and stains.
  • Prevent the spread of illness. You can ask yourself this: do you want to keep your home clean. It might be messy to clean your home but you do this to keep germs from spreading to prevent illness and to keep your overall household healthy. It is the same with car. Many hands that touches the car may potentially spread germs as quickly in a car. Especially when you go from public places in your vehicle, everyone’s hands will most likely bring more germs into your car.


So after knowing the benefits of car washing, you would wonder how often should wash your car?

For answering this questions, you should consider many things to determine the frequency of car washes.

Here is the list.

Nature of daily drive – If your daily drive means several hours on the road at any given time, then you’re actually exposing your car to a variety of particles from dust, bugs, dirt, and even bird poop that can ruin the paint surface and look of your car.

  • Location – If you live in the city then your only issue will be the level of pollution that blankets the city every day. If there are construction sites in the area where you usually drive, you’re talking about dirt, mud, and even cement. Driving along tree-lined roads exposes you to bird droppings, insects, bugs, leaves, and even fallen twigs. Near the sea? Sand and dust are real issues.
  • How the car is stored – Do you have a garage at home that can help minimize the effects of environmental threats on your vehicle? Or do you just park it outside your home where it is exposed to these same dangers?
  • Weather – Living in heavily industrialized sections of the city can expose your car to acid rain. Those in wet regions where it rains almost every day may not feel the need to wash their car. But those in hot and humid regions may have to.
  • Preferred car look – Some of us prefer to drive in a car with a all the time. Some are already content with just having a car to drive around. So which one are you?

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  • Frequency of drive or how many hours of daily drive.
  • The location. When you live in the city, dirt, mud, cement, can stick on the surface of your car.  If you live in a small town with tree lines road, the car would be exposed to leaves, bugs, insects, and bird droppings. If you live near the sea, the issue would be the dust and sand.
  • Where do you store the car. Do you park the car in the garage or you park outside.
  • The weather. If you live in a wet region that rain frequently, you probably will not need to wash your car very often. But if you live in a humid and hot region, you should wash your car regularly.
  • Not concern about the car’s look.


You notice tree spas, bird droppings and splattered bugs or insects on your vehicle anywhere, you will have to remove them as fast as you could.

Every time you see these covering, do not wait for next week before having it cleaned up.

If you see the rain, the heat, and air pollution or after long drives, you can wash your car using just your garden hose or car pressure washer one time in one week.

If you do not want to have all the trouble of washing your car, can wash your car to once or even twice monthly.

This is normal to keep the integrity of the paint surface.

So is using car pressure washer safe for your cars?

Because you are seeing the high pressure and the power of car pressure washer, you probably think that the high pressure water will damage the paint of the car.

You might read an article or heard about:

Nobody should use car pressure washer on their car because of the danger of damaging the car’s paint.

It is true actually.

Car pressure washer might damage your car when you do not know how to use them with proper knowledge and careful use.

In order to safely use the car pressure washer, you have to have the knowledge about what type of car pressure washer you need to purchase and use with many consideration.

If you want to put is as a bad idea of using car pressure washer is because you do not know the proper use.

Using car pressure washer or jet washer for cars can be good and can be bad depending on how you do it.

How do car pressure washer work?

Car pressure washer is actually just a garden hose with added air compressor.

The water is powered by gas-fueled engine or electrical powered pump inside.

This powered pump will push out the water, where the water is supplied from a garden hose.

The outcome is high pressure water.

The washer itself is connected to a high pressure-rated hose.

At the end of the hose, it is plugged with a water gun that looks similar to the pressure guns when you see commonly used at car washes.

The water gun has a trigger point, when the trigger is pulled, the water mixes with the air coming from water pump and comes out of the nozzle with high speed.

Pressure washers can be as powerful as blasting things clean with water jets pressurized. It is about 75 times the pressure of a regular garden hose.

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So now, do you want to know more about which car pressure washer is the right one for you?

Here is the list:

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[su_heading size=”18″]#1 Sun Joe SPX3000[/su_heading]

Sun Joe SPX3000 ($149) is an electric car pressure washer manufactured by Sun Joe. This car pressure washer is a small package pressure washer with a lot of cleaning power. It has PSI of 2,030 (it is a safe psi for washing your car), with only 1.76 GPM, this car pressure washer can provide that much power. With that much power this product use a 1,800-Watt (1.45-Amp motor). It has the ability to wash all types of vehivles or cars and has dual soap tanks for maximum wash.
You can switch between tanks with ease with dual soap tanks. It has a 34 inches extension spray wand so if you find many hard to reach areas of the vehicle, it is able to reach them all. With this long wand, you even can easily reach all the windows on a two stories building. This washer include TSS (Total Stop System) feature. It is as a safety feature so that you do not have the risk to damage your pump. The feature is an automatically shuts off the pump when it is not engaged. This will prolong the pump life and as well as to save energy. There are other accessories for included with this washer such as one adapter to be connected with your garden hose, a 35 feet long power cord, a 20 feet hose, five spray tips (0º, 15º, 25º, 40º) and a needle cleaning tool. You can put everything into one piece of the car pressure washer when it arrive and it would take about 30 minutes after you pull it out of the box.
Cleaning agent can be filled in the dual detergent tank system. The dual tank can also be removable for filling detergents. The Sun Joe SPX3000 wand is made of steel, and the majority of material is using strong, sturdy and thick plastic. If you find yourself having any technical difficulties and problems, this will come with a 2-year limited warranty for any manufacturing defects.

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[su_heading size=”18″]#2 Karcher K3 Follow Me[/su_heading]

This Karcher K3 follow me ($149.99) car pressure washer (manufactured by Karcher) is different than other car pressure washer because it is equipped with four wheels instead of just two wheels.

It is unique because with the name Follow Me means that it will follow you as you go along with car washing. The front wheels are smaller than the rear wheels. Front wheels are made with durable front casters.

You can easily move it around while you clean without going back to grab it. It is moveable and lihhtweight. So when something stand in its way, you juts have to move it. The dimension are 21.7x12x12.8 inches. The weight is only about 16.3 pounds. It will start fast and easy.

It is really safe to use for car washing with 1,800 PSI (it is a safe PSI for car wash), that is enough power pressure. It will get an increase power with the DirtBlaster spray wand to remove stubborn dust and sticky dirt on your car. It is not a car pressure washer that can damage car paint.

It is a good choice if you want a car pressure washer for car detailing. This wand will add up to 80% more power compare to any other normal spray wand. The wand’s value is about $30 value, so you do not need future upgrade.

It is safe and a portable, easy to move car pressure washer for car cleaning, motorcycles cleaning, swimming pool, garden furniture, terrace, patio, driveways, and pathways.

The pump is non-corrosive and does not need maintenance, which means long life time. You can get water from any water source such as swimming pool, so you will save water and reduce the water bill.

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[su_heading size=”18″]#3 AR Blue Clean AR383SS[/su_heading]

AR Blue Clean AR383 ($99.07) car pressure washer can clean everything and have everything you need to get started with 1,900 PSA, a safe PSI for car wash. You can clean anything including patios, decks, concrete, outdoor furniture, driveway, vehicles, and more with the included various attachments. It has a professional style pressure washer gun, with two different wands, a 20 feet high-pressure hose, a 14 ounce detergent bottle, and two quick change wands. It is environmentally friendly where it only uses 80% less water than a garden hose while providing 40% more power. The car pressure washer can also operate quieter than gas powered pressures washers. It is easy to assemble and also easy to use.

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Safety tips on using car pressure washer

#1. See the surrounding areas

Before doing any pressure washing, you should walk around the area to see the risk of any hazard, think through the task and try to decrease any risk involve.

  • Do not do any pressure washing when you are feeling weak.
  • Do not do any pressure washing in the rain or heavy wind.
  • You must be sure that the area is clear, because suddenly pets, kids, car, trees, branches might appear.
  • If you see windows, electrical outlet or cover vents nearby your pressure washing area, you have to wrap them with plastic.
  • Be sure to wear protective gear.

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#2. Wear protective gear

Here is the list:

a. Safety glass or goggles

b. Work boots

c. Gloves

d. Ear protection

e. Pants

#3. Read the manual

Before even using the car pressure washer, you have to read the manual book from page one to the last page.

The User Manual will explain everything about how to operate the car pressure washer, the inside of the machine and safety tips on how you use them.

Reading every page will not take more than 30 minutes of reading, so you should finish reading them.

#4. Do not work car pressure washer at height

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