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Top 6 Best Table Saws Under $300

Best Table Saws Under $300

Do you need a table saw that an do the job well, affordable, durable and versatile?

The difficulty in doing this is you will get so many good alternatives on the United States market today.

It is an intensely overhype industry.

Furthermore, discovering a great table saw which price is under $300 is tricky and does not have so many choice, unless you get lucky.

These are reviews some of the recommended table saws on the market today.

They have feedback and reviews from its customers for its quality and tested against a range of measures by verified purchasers.

Some statements mention about their toughness, quality, durability, versatility, and safety as the consideration points.

You can make the decision purchasing table saw according to these reviews and feedback.

It is a good buying guide for you.

So here is the list:

#1 DEWALT DW745 10-Inch Compact Job-Site Table Saw with 20-Inch Max Rip Capacity

The DeWalt DW745 is a very popular table saw with hundreds of successful and satisfied purchasers according to amazon. The main features and good point about this table saw is for its lightweight. It weigh only 45 pounds. With this weight it can be easily transported to different places according to your preference. You can say it is practical. There is a handle for easy handling in the middle of a job. You will be able to finish a job not feeling the difficulty. By utilizing this table saw, you are capable for getting a precise and accurate cuts with ease. You can also do the adjustment of the rip fence easily that will let you to get a variety of accurate cuts fast. When you are working with you saw it would be just as easy. It is suitable for any medium and small projects and comes with a 10 inch blade.
In order to get rid of the debris or dust from cutting it comes with a dust collection port. You can use a vacuum cleaner to collect debris and after that you can dump the debris with ease.

Main features

The DeWalt DW745 – this specific table saw model, you can get a good answer for people who love to have an inexpensive, low cost and rather cheap or affordable piece of tool and equipment with numerous amount of features. If you have a medium size or small size project, can provide everything you need and require. Many people and verified purchasers of Amazon praised its portability, durability and accuracy. The main feature as mentioned before, is that you can carry it anywhere without difficulties and move it without any issues. It does not weigh much, and it has an accessible base to make sure you get a steady and firm grip. The dimension makes it easy to store and does not take up much space. If you are a beginner and looking for an entry level table saw, this table saw can not be overlooked.

Site-Pro Modular Guarding System – it is a guarding component adjustment without needing any tool. It is also for accurate and fast fence adjustment.

20 inch of rip capacity – the capacity is big enough to handle to big materials.

Compact and lightweight – this is where this table saw is known for its durability and portability.

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#2 Craftsman Evolv 15 Amp 10 In. Table Saw 28461

For numerous amount of DIY carpenters, buying power tools sometimes is a long process. The Craftsman Evolv Table Saw 15 Amp 10 In. 28461 is not manufactured for professionals in the field, but it is not exactly a toy. If you are looking for a table saw under $300 with some consensus made to get to the affordable price, can provide great results for small jobs and rare use, this table saw is a good option.

Main features

Portability – it is a 10 inch table saw equipped with a mighty and powerful 15 amp motor that can provide about 2.17 horsepower.

10 inch, 24-tooth carbide tipped blade – this means that it can reduced kerf tearout for accurate, precise and smoother cuts. You will spend smaller amount of time repairing mistakes or fault and finishing surfaces while minimizing those material waste. It is far stiffer than steel that will give result a longer lasting blade. The blade is able to perform consistently in strict cutting applications. You will absolutely save your money and time because you will not have to replace your blade. The carbide-tipped blades start off sharper and will stay sharp longer than steel. The result would be less cutting, breaking, chipping and shattering with a higher feed rate. The material is also is so powerful, robust and strong it will typically cut harder material like hardwoods, particleboard and other materials that would damage a regular blade. Using this carbide-tipped teeth, you can easily sharpen it when it start to round off and lose some of their bite. Instead of replacing the blade, it would be easy to sharpen it from time to time when you see it gets dull.

Height control – it comes with a pinion and rack blade height control for a precise adjustment of the height according to your preference. It has a quick mount rip fence for safe and accurate cutting.

Warranty – if you purchase this table saw, you will receive a one year general warranty.

Other components – included in the package are wiving knife, push stick, miter gauge, and stand.

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#3 SKIL 3410-02 10-Inch Table Saw with Folding Stand

This SKIL 3410-02 10-Inch Table Saw with Folding Stand is perfect for do it yourself or DIY woodworkers seeking to handle larger projects outside, inside and around the house. It is very important for a bench top saw, and equipped with an easy to fold stand. A robust little saw with the stand made out of heavy duty steel material.

Main features

The motor – if you look how small the table saw is, you will not believe that it has a great strength of motor to be able to run at 5,000 revolution per minute. You can finish any standard cut with this type of motor. You can not slash a 3 inch thick hardwood.

The blade – it has a 10 inch carbide-tooth blade comes with the saw. This is standard for portable table saws.

Bevel and blade height – it comes with a standard portable table saw which has a 3-1/2 inch maximum cutting depth. The bevel adjustment and blade height are managed and controlled by a single handle. It actually can become a little hard to be accurate with just one handle but it does the job with good result. The blade height and bevel might work fine, but you have to put in more effort but you have to put in mind about the price tag.

The quality – the table and the fence are well made. With this quality, you can easily get cutting result because all the markings hold accurate and precise measurements. This is a complete beginner table saw so when you utilize it you will not get difficulty. The overall build quality with confidence exceed the price of the unit, and the stand.

The safety – this table saw equipped with riving knife block any kickback form happening. A blade guard also absolutely improve the level of safety while operating the table saw. You can easily detach or attach the guard in just few seconds delivered by a quick disconnect mechanism. An onboard storage can house many attachments and tools you might need.

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#4 Genesis GTS10SB 10-Inch 15-Amp Table Saw with Stand

This Genesis GTS10SB 10-Inch 15-Amp Table Saw with Stand is packed with a very powerful and strong 15-amp motor can spins at 4,800 revolutions per minute. With such power this table saw can cut all timber you wish to cut with ease. The robust and heavy duty motor is enhance and improve with a 40T 10 inch carbide tipped blade. This table saw will produces perfect cuts and simplify your work. You can utilize it for making compound cuts, crosscuts, bevel cuts, rip cuts, miter cuts in flooring, molding and dimensional timber. The precision and accuracy of cuts is enhanced by the user-friendly height and bevel controls, the sliding miter gauge and self-aligning rip fence. The big die-cast aluminum table makes working on large timbers with convenient. With the measurement of 24 x 20 inches in size, you have a choice to add an obligation to choose sliding extension table to give you up to 24 inches of rip capacity. It provide a tool-free installation of anti-kickback pawls and blade guard.

Main features

Strong motor – equipped with a powerful and strong 15 amp motor that can spin to up to 4,800 revolutions per minute. The spin power of the saw will enable you to make cuts precisely and tear through hardwoods with ease.

Rocker switch – the rocker switch works as a control switch for a quick shut-off cover. A reset switch is for an overload auto shut-off protection.

Self-aligning rip fence – to make sure a perfect cuts, it is bundled with a rip well organized fence that automatically locks in place at the rear and front.

Big die-cast aluminum table – the die cast aluminum table is so spacious measuring 24 x 20 inches. You will benefit from this space for working on sizeable large timbers in an easy process.

Large sliding miter gauge – the table saw is equipped with an oversized sliding miter gauge to produce miter cuts of up to 45°.

2-years warranty – the table saw comes with a 2 years warranty so you do not have to worry about flaws within the warranted time.

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#5 TACKLIFE PTSG1A 15Amp 4800RPM Saw with Bevel Cutting, Adjustable Cutting Angle & Depth

Tacklife’s PTSG1A is an electric table saw with 4,800 revolution per minute of the blade. The spin speed will make sure to have clean and precise cuts. The power of the spin also will ensure to have a success on every pass and eliminate the risk of kickbacks. The 45° bevel of the blade will let you to have a better flexibility in making angle cuts when creating furniture.

Main features

Speed and power – the table saw is equipped with a powerful and strong 15.0 amp motor that can provide and give up to 4,800 revolution per minute. You can be sure that you can tear and slash through thick board and thick wood slabs without any issues. It is not equipped with the most powerful motor but with that kind of power, it will be enough for making clean cuts and passes every single time.

Cut depth – the blade can trim or slash or cut with deepness of 3 1/8 inches when it is standing vertically. Depending on what type of cut, you are capable of bevel the blade up to 45°. At its sharpest angle, you are able to cut as deep as 2 ¼ inches into the workpiece you are currently working on. The 40 x 20 inch wide surface will give you much space when working.

10 inch blades – this table saw comes with a 10 inch diameter blades which are easily mounted, attached and swapped out. You will 60 teeth carbide blade in every package. This affordable electric table saw uses the standard arbor hole size (5/8 inch) so you can attached other brand durable blades.

Safety – the most crucial feature of this electric table saw is that it is equipped with safety systems (multiple preinstalled) to avoid kickbacks and injury. A guard stay on top of blade will be pushed up the same time as workpiece or lumber or wood get close to the blade. If you are working with hard, wet and frozen wood, it is equipped with a built in overload system to make sure you are getting maximum performance.

Dust collection port – it is equipped with a built in 2 ½-inch dust collection port to avoid work space from small pieceses of debris and sawdust when sawing.

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#6 TruePower 10″ 15 amp Table Saw With Steel Stand

The TruePower 10 inch Table Saw with Steel Stand can deliver extraordinary performance at a good value. You can utilize this table saw on building a deck or framing a door. This table saw is lightweight and you will not be having difficulties when using it. A good option for beginner and homeowner.

Main features

The power – it is equipped with 120 Volt 60 Hz 15 Amp 4,700 revolution per minute which can deliver cuts of wood and get the job done with accuracy and precision.

The table – the dimension of the table is 6 inch x 18-1/2 inch that will give you much space for an easy wood work.

Performance – with its features it can help you do the miter cuts, rip cuts, compound cuts, and bevel cuts.

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The definition of table saw

A table saw is a machine tool outfit and furnish with a circular blade attached and mounted on the arbor which swell out from the table surface. When you are going to cut a workpiece or a wood, all you have to do is to push them against the spinning saw blade. It is ideal for cutting the grain of the lumber and widely used in woodworking projects, either on a job site or at home. The cutting process is called a rip cut. The table saw can be utilized to make miter cuts, rip the lumber, make crosscuts, make angular cuts, a groove cut in the face of a board, make dado, make a rabbet and make square cuts. You can effectively use table saw that can be performed with other power tools such as a miter saw or circular saw.

This is really a versatile machine or a work horse that is capable of doing task such a wide variety of cuts. You probably wonder that a table saw is the centerpiece of most modern workshops. This is practically just a basic equipment that can perform all the basic cuts needed for numerous number of traditional woodworking tasks and home improvement projects.

Anatomy of a table saw

#1 Miter gauge

All table saws has the miter gauge that can guide you to cut 45˚corners for picture frames, mirror frames, small boxes, cases and drawers. It has angles that is adjustable and can be set so that the cutting is accurate, precise, true and straight. The gauge should suit easily into the miter slots to maintain the accuracy of cuts. Most table saws come with miter gauges, but there are also highly precise and custom miter gauges you can purchase. A good highly precise miter gauge may cost several hundred dollars. It is highly precise down to fractions of a degree.

A miter gauge comprises of a thin and long metal guide that slides in the miter slot in the table saw. Mounted to this guide is a half round shaped head that swivel on its connection point to the guide. There is a locking mechanism that let this swiveling section to be locked into any preference angle, from -45° to +45°). When a wood or lumber is stationed against the fence of the gauge and the entire assembly (board and miter gauge) is moved forward across the saw blade, the workpiece is trim or slash or cut at the precise angle that you preferred. Various type miter gauges have positive stops that let the gauge to be set fast at angles including 90°, 45°, 30°, and 22 1/2°.

#2 Shaft Locks

To suit the adjustment of the type of cut you prefer, the shaft lock or arbor and the trunnion hold the blade in place. This means you can change position the blade down, up, or cut at whatever angles you desire. The better quality of the arbor or shaft locks means the price of the table saw is more expensive because it commonly means a more powerful motor.

For the contractor models, the measurement of the arbor is 5/8 inch. If you are seeking for finer table saw, omething finer, then you might want to seek over the arbors of different high quality models and look for table saw that works best for you.

#3 Rip fences

A rip fence is very important and necessary part of any table saw. Rip fences is define as a guide to help you or woodworkers cut wood with precision, evenly, and safely. The form of rip fence looks like a metal bar that stationed parallel to the saw blade. If you have a width measurement of the cut, you can adjust the rip fence according to the width. It looks like a simple metal bar, but actually it is the most valuable parts of the table saw. Rip fence will safeguard you as the operator by making sure that the wood being cut is lined up so the grain of the wood is ripped cleanly.

When you are cutting at an angle or across the grain, it can cause kickback that can endanger you as operator. The fence lock into a position (automatically) parallel to the saw blade when tightened down. Rip fences can be purchase afterwards, but the primary thing to regard is how good they line up when tightened. You have to remember that by having to make repeated adjustments to a rip fence can cause problems.

#4 The table

The overall weight of the fence and the table is the primary factors when looking at table saws. For hybrid table saw models and contractor table saw models, aluminum is the material of the table. Because aluminum are strong and lightweight, it provide an easy transport of the table saw where you need it.

The cabinet table saw usually have tables made from cast iron which is heavy, robust, durable and strong. To cut parallel to the edge consistently, the fence have to be a high quality material because it needs to be perfectly square. One plot type of fence is the pinion and rack version that can be discovered on cabinet table saws. This will locks tight the fence in place where it should be and the saw moves with consistency for every cut. Cheap saws have fences that can be change the position easily, but they have a tendency to slide during the process of the cut.

#5 Dust collector

The dust collecting component sometimes being forgotten especially in closed areas including your workshop at home or you garage. If you are working outside using a table saw, the dust usually blows away in the wind so it does not matter. Dust collecting component would be very important part table saws used inside because dust or debris must be collected to minimize the effect on the surrounding air that you breath. The dust collection would be helpful to minimize your cleaning job afterwards. Before you buy a table saw, you must first consider the model that has the best dust collection method that minimizes the dust in the air.

#6 Dado blade

​A dado blade is utilized on table saws to cut a broad groove in wood material or lumber. It is wider than a saw blade. Sometimes there are multiple blades joined together (called stacked dado set) or the blade could have a wobble to it (because it is designed to move like that) which produces a broader cut and produce a wider ​cut than a single blade would. A stacked dado blade set utilizes the two outer blades, which resemble to standard table saw blades.

#7 Safety features of table saw

Do you know that 42% of woodworking injuries comes from table saw? When you start working with table saw, you must be concerned about the safety features. And it should be your primary concern. With many injuries happened, table saw can be considered as the most dangerous machine when you are in a woodworking shop. The following safety devices specifically designed for your table saw.

The blade guard – usually blade guards have a clear plastic hood that edge around the saw blade. It will let stock to be fed with workpiece while preventing fingers from wandering into the blade. The guard also change the direction of sawdust and small debris from being thrown up toward you as the operator. Sometimes stock blade guards can be difficult to set up and must be put away for a woodworking.

Riving knife and anti-kickback pawls – if you own a built in blade guard or it is mounted separately, there is a riving knife which is a thin steel vein set right behind the blade. The intention of a riving knife is bind the blade as stock exit the cut and to prevent the saw kerf from closing up. This motion will hinder the saw motor from being interrupted and the work from being pushed back hard at the you as the operator.

Anti-kickback pawls are spring-loaded fingers with having a jagged edged points that rub along the high point of the work as it is fed through the cut. They are devices that prevent stock from kicking back.

Blade brake – it is another very important feature of a table saw. It function is automatically stop the blade when it has any contacts any part of the your body. It is an additional cost to the table saw price, but at the end, it is a feature that has stop, reduced and prevented numerous serious injuries and has proven to save lives as well. If you are wearing gloves, a blade brake just may well save your fingers or hand in an accident.Any safety feature that lowers the risk of injury should be something you want to be included. Considering the number of injuries that occur every year due to table saws, having these important safety features is a must.

What are most common types of table saw?

All common table saws are fundamentally built the similar. Each has a motor powers, an attached arbor saw blade and button controls to let you to tilt or raise the blade above a table that supports the workpiece. Beyond the identical features, there are numerous different types of table saws to choose from. Including cabinet table saw, contractor table saw, portable table saw and benchtop table saw. The specific type you shall choose depend on numerous factors, including the overall size, the capacity, the power, the portability, and the price. So here is the list of types of table saw:

#1 Cabinet saw

If you are a professional woodworkers, contractors and a serious DIY-ers, this type of table saw is your first choice. A cabinet table saw allude to the boxy sheet-metal base that totally close off on all sides of the table saw inner workings. It is a heavy duty trunnions and saw arbors created and designed to retain their 10 inch or 12 inch saw blades to run smoothly even during the hardest cutting situations. Usually it is powered by a 2 hp, 3 hp, 4 hp or 5 hp induction motor (single phase or three phase) managed and controlled by a magnetic motor starter button switch. Greater amount models feature a large added part of the table to the right of a heavy cast-iron saw table. It is also feature long rails that let them to trim panels up to 52″ wide or greater width.There are cabinet saws that are more compact and affordable to contractor and serious woodworkers.

#2 Portable table saw

Portable table saws are usually lightweight machines which is manufactured to provide portability. You can be sure to choose this type of table saw when you do not have much space inn your workshop. Because of the portability it is usually does not have stand or legs. They are planned in detail to either be clamped on the floor or a surface or mounted or attached to a stand, or to a custom made table saw stand that you have created yourself. Portable table saws move to a particular direction to utilize lightweight brush motors. But brush motor is noisier than induction motors. The smaller size motors used in portable table saw, the maximum size blade used are 10 inches. Many manufacturers are trying to keep the weight as light as possible. Lightweight but strong, robust and sturdy materials to make sure it can provide the portability feature. Since it is lightweight, the size of the table are small and not good for cutting large sheet materials. One way to overcome this is by adding extension wings. Portable table saws is rather low cost and good choice for a starter table saw.

#3 Hybrid table saw

This type of table saw is a new edition to common types of table saw. Its existence is to fill the gap between contractor table saw and cabinet table saws. The motors of hybrid table saw tend to be in the 1 or 2 horsepower range and using a quiet and smooth induction motor. Some hybrid table saws, equipped with enclose and full size cabinet base the full size. Usually the motor is attached within the saw, not placed onto the back of the saw. The trunnions and arbor bearings is a bit more heavy duty and the drive more advanced belt system. It dose look similar to cabinet table saw.

#4 Contractor table saw

Contractor table saws are in higher level up from the portable table saw. They are perfect fit for woodworkers who does not really mind about accuracy and precision. It is like to get the functionality of a cabinet table saw being fitted into a portable table saw. It is equipped with fixed legs or stand rather than a fixed solid base like the cabinet table saw. The table will be a lot bigger, and some models have the same the size of the table of a cabinet table saw. A lighter weight steel is the material use rather than heavy cast iron as the material of cabinet table saw. The contractor table saw is not portable but has the larger table for cutting sheet materials but the price is not as expensive as cabinet table saw.

The best table saw brands


DeWalt has absolutely and definitely begin to be a very popular brand among woodworkers, similar professionals and contractors. Their first line of power tools came on the United States market in 1992. Started in 1994, DeWalt played a big role in producing the new system of cordless tools. Today, DeWalt manufactures over 800 accessories, power tools and 200 hand tools available for United States consumers. They have factories all over the world including Mexico, China, Japan, Thailand, and Korea. In the United States land, they have seven manufacturing facilities in Connecticut, Maryland, Kentucky, Indiana, South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee.


The company’s embryo started in 1921. A man by the name of Edmond Michel, in his workshop in New Orleans, developed a mechanized machete. Then in 1923 he had developed the first ever electric hand saw in the world.
Later in 1924, After further enhancements of the electric handsaw, ‘The Michel Electric Handsaw Company’ was started by Edmond Michel and Joseph W. Sullivan. Later the brand becomes SKIL. Today, the company manufactured various full range of garden products and other power tools. The company’s mission is to continuously create innovative products, focusing on developing smart products that are easy to use and affordable.

Table saw safety guidelines

Whenever you are using a power tools or appliance or a machine, it is very crucial to know and discover how to operate and handle it. Once you own table saw and know how to use the table saw, you need to go one step ahead and study numerous safety precautions in order to avoid any accidents. These are some safety you should underline:

  1. You should always wear goggles, safety glasses, or a face shield at all times while using the table saw.
  2. During cutting operation, when it gets dusty, you should buy and wear a dust mask.
  3. You should NEVER wear gloves while running a table saw.
  4. When you are about to work on table saw, you should avoid wearing ties, jewelry, long sleeves, ties, or loose fitting clothing. Any of those would get stuck or get caught in the blade of the table saw.
  5. To avoid any fall or slip you should wear a non-slip shoes or footwear.
  6. Utilize a push stick to cut workpiece that is 150 cm or less in width.
  7. Utilize a stop block when you are going to crosscut a short length workpiece.
  8. Align your body that it is NOT in line with the blade. The precaution is to prevent getting injured by woodchips, flying sawdust, or debris.
  9. Adjust the height of the blade to be slightly higher than the wood or workpiece or lumber being cut. Then height should be 6mm above the height of the workpiece. This is precaution is to make sure if your hand slip you only get slight cut.
  10. Do NOT play around and stand in an awkward position. Stand up firmly on the surface or the floor. You can slip and lose you balance and can fall into the blade.
  11. NEVER talk or having a conversation while cutting with the table saw. You should focus on your task.
  12. Do NOT reach over or behind the blade while running.
  13. NEVER to leave the table saw until the blade completely stop.
  14. When you are replacing the blade or other type of maintenance, you have to disconnect the power beforehand.
  15. When you want to adjust the table saw, you have to make sure the blade has stopped turning.
  16. Before turning the power of table saw, and after any adjustment, make sure that the blade is free.
  17. Make sure that the guides have to be positioned properly.
  18. Make sure that the tabletop is clean, polished and smooth. If the table is dirty or rough, you require to use more force to push the workpiece through the blade. If you are using more power, the more chance you may lose your balance or fall or slip.
  19. Make sure to keep the rip fence parallel to the blade. This is to make the workpiece will not be thrown and bind on the blade.
  20. Always see the throat plate to make sure that the throat place fits exactly and has a slot a bit larger than the blade. You should NEVER work on a table saw with the throat plate removed.
  21. NEVER make free hand cuts on the table saw. The workpiece must be guided through the blade by the miter gauge or by the fence.
  22. Maintain the guards, the anti kickback and the spreaders devices of the blades in its position and running properly. Make sure that the spreader aligned with the blade and the anti kickback device should be in place and running appropriately. Every component must be controlled thoroughly before cutting.
  23. You must be sure to see that the wood you are about to cut is dry, flat and seasoned.
  24. See through that the workpiece has NO screws, stones, nails, knots. If the wood has these things prior to cutting into it. These thin could cause injuries.
  25. NEVER to use the miter gauge and the fence at the very same time, unless they are on the same side as the fence.
  26. A circular table saw must be protected with a crown guard or hood that fully covers the blade projecting above the table. The guard ride the thickness of the workpiece, doing adjustment according to the thickness of the stock.
  27. The adjustment of the fence must be done while the saw NOT running. Long length workpiece is often crosscut on a table saw, and it NOT recommended as a good practice. It would be a lot better to cut long length workpiece on a swing saw, pull saw or radial arm saw.

The history of table saw

A table saw, also popular as a circular saw, is a power tool utilized for cutting wood and other materials. It is well known for popular for its versatility. It is the first choice tools for any woodworker. The table saw has a long history of well over 200 plus years. During those 200 years, it has evolved into improvements of technology, innovation and safety features to be as convenient as ever.

The history of table saw could be traced to 1777. A man by the name of Samuel Miller invented the first ever spinning saw blade in Southampton, England. These circular saws were used to cut lumber or wood and used in sawmills. It took many years later before someone would come up with the idea for a portable saw.

Using a radial saw blade, Raymond Dewalt was the first man to develop. But it was not portable, just versatile enough to compare with those conventional saws during those days. The radial saw blade was first developed to perform numerous operations easily by rotating the motor and saw blade. He later founded a company to produce and sell his invention two years later.

Table saw buying guide

There are a number of features to consider before purchasing the best table saw under $300 dollars. You always want to buy best saw available. The essential and important factors to consider include:

On tap space: before buying a table saw you really have to consider planning the area on placing it. Since there are big size and smaller table saw, space should concern you. The projected place must have available space efficiently without sacrificing the safety hazard.

Power: the cutting power and motor power should have the best rating overall. Find table saw that has many good reviews and positive feedbacks. Look for table saw models with a powerful motor to provide awesome cutting power through numerous types of materials.

Ease of use: a high performance table saw is essential, but it is also important to find an easy to use one. Easy to use table saw means saving you time reading manuals. Read, see and you are ready to use with ease. That is how table saw suppose to be when in operation.

Price: you can buy an affordable table saw but still have good motor power, easy to use and good durability. Failure that a table saw give is a waste of money even if it is cheap. You should buy one that suit your needs. It could be cheap but useless at the end. To prevent this to happen, consider the budget you have, consider the price floor and cap. Find great table saw for the money.

Safety: safety features are very important when it come to table saw. Consider the safety features present in the model that you are about to buy. Anti-kickback, blade guard, saw brake and other features that will you reduce the probability that an accident will occur should be your priority list.

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