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Top 16 Best Miter Saw For Homeowner, Beginner And DIY Projects

Top 16 Best Miter Saw For Homeowner beginner and DIY Projetcs.

A miter saw is a tool for carpentry jobs that angled cuts or cuts miters.

The saw is stationary, meaning you can placed it after you bought it on a bench top and work on the wood.

The miter saw may easily cut boards with a crosscut.

This carpentry tool work like magic and it is the most versatile and popular tools in any carpenter’s workshop.

It is capable to make almost any kind of cut.

It is not like drill, jigsaw or a nail gun, or a power screwdriver which are handy tools for any construction works or DIY rehab enthusiast.

But if you are especially working with wood, a miter saw is a highly specialized power tool that will help you to quickly complete all your carpentry and woodworking projects.

A miter saw has a very sharp blade and strong blade which is attached on a swing arm.

It will pivot right or left to produce a variety of angled cuts with exactness, accuracy and precise like bevel and miter cuts.

It has many different function tool which is capable of performing a variety of carpentry tasks including making picture frames, cutting baseboards, cross-cutting, cutting wood for windows and door trims, and crown molding.

You have to be smart to choose the best miter saws available on the market here in the United States.

#1 DEWALT DWS780 2-Inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

DeWalt is definitely one of the best names in the industry.

DeWalt has been around for a large number of years and believe it or not is highly trusted by homeowners, woodworkers, DIY-ers, home-builders, other professionals, and even contractors.

So if you choose DeWalt brands, you can trust it for a good reason.

This Dewalt DWS780 is the best to choose when you want to do precision cuts at home on the weekend and it is the best sliding compound miter saw on the market today in the United States.

When you are talking about miter saw, durability and portability is the most crucial issue as well as the end result of cuts.

Well, this miter saw is the best 12-inch miter saw, equipped with handle for easy portability and a new precise miter system.

As homeowner, you will finish your DIY jobs quicker and achieving more productivity because it is also equipped with XPS cross cut positioning system that will deliver adjustment free cuts.

If you are on a project of remodeling your home, you just have to know that the tools that you are going to use are going to last from morning to late in the day.

With a powerful 15 ampere 3800 rpm motor, this miter saw will deliver durability and power needed for a miter saw to work well.

The saw is built from stainless steel castings that last a long time, and it has the capability of to withstand daily toughness in the job site.

Even with the speed, this miter saw will not sacrifice the precision, exactness and accuracy.

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Main Features

The size – 21.5″ x 17.7″ x 17.1″ weighing at 56 pounds. It can handle many different applications, it is lightweight, compact and easy to transport or for storage.

Integrated CUTLINE Blade Positioning System – you can have a better visibility and accuracy during the cutting using this technology that can offer adjustment free cut line indication. There is also a two horizontal rails that is so strong and built from steel. Equipped also with clamping mechanism that is innovative. And also will offer or give and deliver accuracy or preciseness, compact cutting capacity and durability provided by linear ball bearings.

Dust collection – something that you do not have to worry is about dust collection from the cutting process. This miter saw use dust collection system that has the capability to capture more than 75% of dust generated during the cutting.

Back fence – This miter saw is having a back fence design to cut up to a 2 x 16 dimensional lumber (90°) or 2 x 12 (45°). It can miter 50° (left) and 60° (right) for higher capacity. This means even if you work at home, you can perform a professional cutting jobs with it.

Motor – this miter saw uses 3.800 rpm 15 amp motor that can do cuts with speed, power and durability.

Adjustable – Adjustable stainless steel miter detent plate (device used to mechanically arrest or resist the rotation of the plate). To improve accuracy of cutting and productivity it comes with 10 positive stops. There is also the oversized bevel scale that will provide bevel angle adjustments easy to do and accurate.

In the box – when you purchase the Dewalt DWS780 miter saw, you will get the 12 inch miter saw, a blade wrench, dust bag, vertical material clamp and 12 inch carbide blade.

#2 DEWALT DW715 15-Amp 12-Inch Single-Bevel Compound Miter Saw

The Dewalt DW715 is an affordable price and great miter saw for homeowner as well as DIY job.

You can trust the brand DeWalt and you can see that this miter saw is very popular that makes it one of the top compound miter saw today for homeowners.

Sometimes homeowners do not need the capability and the power, but this saw provides homeowners like you a solid cut for a great price.

At only 42 pounds, and its rather smaller size will make you easier to store in your garage or cabinets.

When you purchase Dewalt DW715, you will get a 12-inch very strong carbide blade.

Ran by 4.000 rpm 15 amp motor for power and reliability.

You can finish you weekend home remodeling project with this kind of power.

You can finish a perfect job of miter cutting baseboard, cross cutting, cutting framing, and molding.

For you homeowners, you will see the effectiveness of the miter saw at an affordable price.

You can use the adjustable made of stainless steel detent plate with up to 11 positive stops.

It is capable of cutting pieces of crown molding with thickness of 5¼ inches.

It is also able to nested molding 6½ inches against the fence.

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Main Features

The size26.1″ x 19.6″ x 17.2″ weighing at 42 pounds. With this size and weight, it is a lightweight compound miter saw and to carry it around it feature a built in carry handle. You can lift and move around with comfort when you want to store it carefully and neatly.

Power – the miter saw is equipped with a 4.000 rpm 15 amp motor for an extended power and durability while cutting or doing woodwork. 1.600 watts and 120 volts of drive.

Precise miter system – you don not have to worry about the cutting accuracy because it utilize a precise miter system and machined based fence support.

In the box – when you purchase this miter saw you will get in the box 12″ carbide blade, dust bag, blade wrench and the miter saw.

#3 Bosch CM10GD 10-Inch 15-Amp Dual Bevel Axial-Glide Compact Miter Saw

The Bosch CM10GD 10-inch Dual-Bevel Glide miter saw can deliver to you the ability to adapt to many function, versatility, and power.

The Axial-Glide System and compact design, this unit offers unwrinkled cutting control in up to 10 inches at smaller amount workspace than other miter saws.

This means users are capable to work increasing productivity in tight quarters and hallways.

The saw provides 4,800 no load revolutions per minute with awesome cut capacity.

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Main features

Axial-Glide System – this technology offers you durable accuracy in a compact workspace. The articulated glide arm system gives comparatively small amount of room up to 10 inches of working room. At the same time improvement of alignment and a unwrinkled glide for the unit.At the end, you will have a production of unwrinkled and smooth cuts. You can also have complete control of your cut motion.

Dust in the Bag – this miter saw includes a mix of dust chute and vacuum adapter to hook up to your 35mm and 1-14-inch hoses.

#4 DEWALT DWS780 12-Inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

This DWS780 12 inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw is a very popular miter saw.

It is equipped with a 15 Amp motor and integrated XPS cross cut positioning system.

The XPS cross cut positioning system is intended for adjustment free accurate cut line indication.

It is a durable stainless steel miter detent plate with cam lock for repeatable accuracy with easy adjustments.

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Main features

High capacity cutting – the miter saw can offer and deliver base molding up to 6-3/4″ vertically against the fence and crown molding up to 7-1/2″ nested. It could sliding out of the way for bevel cuts. It can cut up to 2 x 16 lumber at 90°; and 2 x 12 at 45°, this will improve the amount of capacity.

Hassle-Free Operation – you can reduce the slope from 0° to 49° with positive stops at 0°, 22.5°, 33.9°, 45°, and 49° in both left and right directions.

Dual horizontal steel rails – it is equipped with linear ball bearings and clamping mechanism to provide a durable, precision, compact and accurate miter saw.

#5 Makita LS1018 Dual-Bevel Slide Compound Miter Saw

The Makita LS1018 10” Dual Slide Compound Miter Saw provide big cutting capacity and highest accuracy for a miter saw. With this miter saw you will get all the cutting performance with less weight for maximum portability. You can finish your task of crown molding and cutting baseboards. The miter saw own a capacity to cut 4×4 dimensional lumber in only one pass. This would make this miter saw an ideal choice for fine carpentry, woodworking, general construction, and more. Powered by a 13 AMP direct drive motor with soft start. Smoother start-ups, consistent and constant power without needing belts to replace or slip. The miter saw will handle the most carpentry jobs while keeping production high. This is just ideal for Ideal for cabinet and furniture makers, crown molding installation, baseboard, finish carpenters, wood floor installers, deck builders, and general construction.

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#6 Hitachi C15FB 15-Amp 15-Inch Miter Saw

This the Hitachi C15FB is the only 15 inch miter saw which is created and designed to manage tough homeowner’s jobs including cut various plywood, plywood, decorative veneer, wood materials, hardboard, soft fiberboard, and aluminum products. Equipped with powerful motor for ultimate depth of cut for optimum material handling. The 11 miter stops will make this miter saw can deliver an accurate tool for an easy use.

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Main features

Powerful and easy to use – this miter saw has a 115 volt power supply and features a very strong or powerful 15 Amp single-phase motor. It spins the 15-inch blade up to 3,400 revolution per minute at no-load speeds. It can be turned on and off which is located at a comfortably designed handle. The button also has a lock off button provides safety when not in action.

A strong base – if you are working on cutting long pieces, the extension guides that make wider from the base will support with stability you need. For an improved cutting precision, the gear case center beam will support that.

Built to last – the miter saw is created and designed with reachable access to the carbon brush. This will prolong the life of this miter saw and easy to replace the brush. To eliminate and reduce the debris in the work area, it is equipped with dust collector attachment, and the debris deflection guard to block debris from going near the workspace.

#7 Festool 561287 Kapex KS 120 Sliding Compound Miter Saw

This Festool 561287 Kapex KS 120 Sliding Compound Miter Saw will perform cutting with the finest trim for homeowner. It is built, created and manufactured to be a compact and lightweight miter saw, perfect choice for your workshop or your job site. The features including easy adjustment, quality components, effective dust extraction, precise cuts.

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Main features

Good bevel adjustments – when doing home project, you can fine adjustment knob to manage the bevel for extreme precision of cutting. It engage and rotate a pinion and rack to change the position of the head. The head itself is counter spring balanced which is intended for when setting a bevel angle it will not change position before you lock it. It (bevel angle) is easy to read and very large size. The distance of bevel angle from the axis of rotation offers ultimate accuracy.

Duel lasers – you can use the lasers for much better alignment. You can without difficulty cuts wood from the right or left side of the miter saw using the dual lasers. To fine tune and complete control of the lasers you just utilize the three axis adjustment controls. A button can be used to turn on or turn off the laser without having to power on the saw. The lasers required no batteries because it is using electrical powered.

Portable and lightweight – you can change its original place to another place like from the workshop to the job site with ease. It is only 47 pounds with designed carrying position combined for an easy move around. The head is locked down while being moved, for preventing any movement and making it in smaller pack.

Trenching capability – with the easily done flip of a placed knob, you can move trenches to create go around pipes or lap joints or other obstacles. Flip the knob back up and you will be back to normal miter saw position in just few seconds. Turning the knob will make the right trenching depth for making quick, precision and accurate dadoes with this miter saw.

#8 Makita LS0815F Slide Compound Miter Saw

The Makita LS0815F 8-1/2 inch Slide Compound Miter Saw is a mix of a lightweight and compact design equipped with a powerful direct drive motor. It is an ideal cutting solution for applications starting from carpentry, home wood project, woodworking and any room applications like flooring, finish, and trim. The motor is a direct drive 10.5 AMP motor with smooth start up and constant power with no belts replacement.

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Main features

Lightweight – this miter saw only weight 31.1 pounds to improved its portability. You can see the blade and line of cut because of the see through blade guard system. The D-handle designed for you have a better fit and good comfort. A L.E.D. light is included to illuminates the line-of-cut.

Accuracy – Linear ball bearing system created to provide precision and accurate cuts

#9 Hitachi C12RSH2 15-Amp 12-Inch Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

The Hitachi C12RSH2 is a miter saw with good credibility. It comes with fine adjustment knobs for both the adjustment and setting of miter and bevel, a vertical handle, and zero-clearance rail systems. This miter saw will make miter cuts at a max angle of 45° to the left and 57° to the right. The design of this miter saw is very straightforward. The lock down and positive stops on the miter gauge made up of a knob setup and simple lever.

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Main features

Compact slide system with large cutting capacity – this means that it has a fixed rail slide design that reduce and remove the need for rear clearance to provide the extension of the sliding rails. This would unlimit the miter saw to be placed in tight work areas or sit up against a wall without downsizing the cutting capacity.

Sliding sub-fence – if you have to cut a large work pieces, you will not have a problem with this because it is high enough to support with stable cutting

Laser marker – the laser will be utilize to casts a line over the cutting width.

Power and load speed – it is equipped with 15 amp motor with no load speed to up to 4,000/min.

#10 Delta 26-2250 12″ Dual Bevel Sliding Cruzer Miter Saw

The Delta 26-2250 12″ Dual Bevel Sliding Cruzer Miter Saw have robot arms made from military-grade aluminum. The 12″ saw has a 15 amp motor with belt drive which is created for cooling and maximum power. If you want to start it would be very easy and sound or feel soft start. It is very easy to use the trigger. With a similar flip-down fence, the 12″ miter saw can slash boards up to 18 inches wide. The brand claim to have the widest cross-cutting capacity at the same class. To do the cutting you will have to add 2 inch thick support boards to finish a maximum cutting width. The 12 inch saw needs a 2 inch x 14 inch board. There are other features including dust port, slide tension adjustments, a molded trigger and handle, clear blade guard, and adjustable cutting depth. Included in the dust port are front bevel release and one-handed front miter controls.

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Main features

18 inches cross cuts – this means that this miter saw has the widest cross cut capacity compare to other miter saw. The patented load arm can cross cuts of up to 18 inches. This is the widest cross cut capacity in its class.

Saw arm – the military grade aluminum and heavy duty bearing can deliver cut without difficulty and soft touch. You can easily adjust the miter saw’s sliding tension adjustment.

7.5 inches of crown molding – if you want to accurately cut crown or stacked trim pieces, you can just flip-down slide lock. Even if you are only working at home as homeowner, you can do home wood project like a pro.

#11 Bosch Compound Miter Saw GCM12SD

The Bosch GCM12SD is a 12-Inch Dual-Bevel Glide Miter Saw that is a perfect choice for homeowner. It can do accurate cuts, smooth cutting motion, and with Bosch-exclusive Axial-Glide System for space saving. To keep its precision and accurate cuts, you can use its Pre-aligned Squarelock fences. With a soft grip capable to be used by the right and left hands equally well. For adding comfortable use, it is equipped with dust chute and vacuum adapter.

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Main features

Powerful motor – it is equipped with 15 amp motor, 3,800 revolution per min and maximum 3 hp.

Compact cutting – the Bosch brand innovate the Axial-Glide system for durability, precision, accuracy, complete management, and compact working space.
Precision – it comes with Squarelock fast release aligns fence 90° to miter saw’s table . This means that it does not require any adjustment. To add support there is the one touch lock and unlock to slide fence.

Changeable (versatile) saw – if you have so many variety of cuts, this miter saw can support 14-Inch expanded horizontal cutting capacity, 6-1/2-inch vertical capacity, and a 6-1/2-inch crown capacity (45° spring).

Adaptable – the miter saw can offer easy adjustments with uniform bevel that is large and easy to read. To add the easy adjustments, it has a stainless steel miter scales with roof pitch angles and marked detent.

Stable base – the miter saw can provide a stable cut because of its base.

#12 DeWalt DHS790AT2 Flexvolt 120V Max Corded / Cordless 12″ Double Bevel Compound Sliding Miter Saw

The DeWalt DHS790AT2 is manufactured by one of the most famous power tool manufacturers. It is one of the best miter saw on the market because of their sturdy and build quality. This tool is a high end cordless miter saw equipped with many features to offer. You will fulfill you expectation without feeling buying an overpaid machines. The DeWalt DHS790AT2 offers variable power options. You can choose between the corded for unlimited work to be done or cordless for its portability. They both are powered DeWalt brush less motor technology. You can assure the accuracy of cuts provided by bevel scale and adjustable miter scale with 11 stops.

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Main features

Flexvolt – it means that this miter saw utilize battery that automatically changes voltage when you change tools. This system provide you with an innovative voltage changing battery. This revolutionary innovation will change the way you do wood work.

Power flexibility – this means that you can benefit with cordless miter saw but can have the same performance the corded saw.

120 volt motor – the miter saw is powered by a powerful 120V brush less motor to deliver long hours work that can be compared to the performance of brushed motors.

Integrated Adjustment-free Cutline Blade Positioning System – this technology will provide you with precision cutting, visibility and accuracy.

High visibility bevel scale – you can easily adjust the bevel angle with accuracy.

Tall sliding fences – its a really good for up to 7-1/2 inch nested crown molding. This also means it can do base molding up to 6-3/4 inch vertically on the opposite of the fence.

Maximum capacity – it comes with an adjustable stainless steel miter detent plate 50° and 60° to the right with 11 detent for capacity improvement.

#13 WEN 70712 12-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw

This WEN 70712 12-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw is one miter saw that can provide all the versatility you would ever need. It can do the miter, bevel, straight, and compound cuts. All you need just this one compact and reliable machine. Bevel cut can be from 0° to 45° to the left. Miter cut can go up to 45° in both directions. It is equipped with 15 amps and 5,000 revolution per min of slicing power. If you want to handle boards up to 11.75 inches long and 3.5 inches thick, you can utilize this miter saw and get the work done with ease. For sawing, this miter saw uses a 40 tooth carbide tipped blade for strong, precise and dependable job. The job is almost without debris because it is equipped with a dust collection bag, a hold down clamp for stable work pieces and a support fence for accuracy. It comes with a total of 9 stops which can happen at all miter positions, including 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 31.6°, and 45° to both sides, the left side and the right side.

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#14 DOIT 12-Inch Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Laser and LED Work Light

The DOIT 12-Inch Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Laser and LED Work Light can make you capable of cutting with accuracy and speed with 10 amp motor. The miter saw fencing can accommodate larger moldings because it can be adjusted. You do not have to worry about debris, because it is equipped with one dust bag to collect debris and dust. The trigger switch can be locked to avoid any accidental opening. The LED light can help you work during a not bright light environments. It is also has sliding rails designed for cross and miter cutting applications. The accuracy of the cut is unquestionable because it comes with stops for rapid and precise bevel cuts.

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Main features

Laser cut line guides – you will be able to do your cutting with precision, smoothly and accurately.

Ultra-bright LED light – this feature will let you work with efficiency as it casts a laser-like shadow on the work surface.

Wide cutting depth – this feature will give you the freedom of choosing most of common wood specifications.

#15 Homecraft H26-260L 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw

This Homecraft H26-260L 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw is ready to be used for your everyday home use or DIY use. The miter saw is a perfect tool for cuts with a powerful 14 amp motor that spin with outstanding 5,500 rpm that slash, shorten, cuts or trim right through wood like they are bread. For you homeowner to finish household task with accuracy cuts and precision cutting and to be a much better and improved job, it offer red laser light for visibility. You can use the 5 miter stops that will make bevel cuts up to 47° and clear cuts degrees for locking in your own angles. The miter saw is very portable weighing at 25 pounds, you can move them around with ease.

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#16 Milwaukee 6955-20 12″ Sliding Dual Bevel Miter Saw

This Milwaukee 6955-20 12″ Sliding Dual Bevel Miter Saw are manufactured to do cuts with miter level effortless and easy as well as to make setting exactness, preciseness, and at an accuracy level. Designed to make setting precise bevel and miter levels easy. This miter saw uphold and fulfill its expectation to its brand. Homeowner can fine adjust the angle, and detent overrule and override, display on a digital display the proper, exact and correct angle all the way down to one-tenth of a degree. The feature of the miter saw used for preciseness repeat cuts, with odd angles. The angle fine adjust of the miter saw has a self zeroing system that is capable on the entire angle range. The miter saw is equipped with a powerful 15 amp motor that give and provide a high performance power for high speed cuts.

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What can a miter saw do for homeowner?

In the domain of do it yourself projects for homeowner, collection of good to great or the best saws is completely a must.

You may have some discussion about which saws more important, needed for many purposes, and required than others.

Still, the best choice of miter saw arguably appreciated for its effectiveness in cutting many variety of materials.

When homeowner want to operate miter saw, they do not need much learning because of its ease of use according to instruction manuals.

Miter saw can be immediately operated even by the most novice user.

Miter saw can significantly save your time on cutting materials and miter saw become your best friend for home projects.

If you are still not convince about how you can benefit from owning a miter saw, you now can learn about all of the critical, essential and vital information you want to discover these saws.

Including the explanation of what they miter saw is best for, advantages and benefits of miter saw, what are different types of miter saw.

What is miter saw?

What is the exact definition of miter saw?

A miter saw is a tool to be used to make miter cuts and crosscuts in an object being worked by this tool or workpiece.

Homeowner can start using miter saw by drawing an attached circular saw blade down onto the workpiece located on a flat surface below the miter saw.

Miter saw motion is stationary.

Take the saw blade down onto a workpiece to cut it.

Homeowner do not run the the saw blade along the workpiece to finish the cuts.

When you are using a miter saw, the workpiece will be grasped by the miter saw’s fence.

By holding the workpiece, you will experience an exactness of cutting angle the plane of the longest workpiece edge and between the plane of the blade.

The cutting angle is 90°, when cutting in a normal and standard position, .

Miter saw is very useful for slashing, cutting and shortening down larger pieces into smaller workpieces.

The best thing a miter saw can do is cutting a 45° angle cuts by rotating the blade to varying angles.

You can do the fast cuts to make quick angled ones for workpieces.

The history of miter saw

You might have trouble finding the history of miter saw.

Because miter saw is a saw to make crosscuts and miter on workpieces, you can trace the history of crosscuts and miter.

The history of crosscut saws started around the world since historic times.

The design of the saws always become different over time to fit those different needs.

Crosscut saws can be traced for as early as during the Roman Empire.

Crosscuts saws became more popular during the middle of the 15 century through Europe.

In the region of South Germany, saws had a tooth pattern until the M tooth pattern was originated in 15th century.

Saws were used in Colonial America (1490s to 1760s) and were started being in mass production in the United States by the mid-1800’s.

Before the year of 1880, axes were used for cutting down trees.

Starting in Pennsylvania, United States in about 1880, many loggers began using the crosscuts saws for felling trees.

These saws can match the benefits and advantages of chainsaws in todays world.

In the modern world, miter saw was invented and developed by Ed Niehaus in 1964 for Rockwell Manufacturing Company.

It was a challenge that the Rockwell Manufacturing company gave to their engineers to developed a whole new tool category.

The challenging project was given to Ed Niehaus, who was working in Pittsburgh facility.

The challenge was to develop a tool that can do the same jobs as a standard handsaw miter box.

But to make it unique and powerful, he had to invent a motor powered saw.

The Rockwell Manufacturing Company stated that Ed Niehaus must develop the tool that is capable of doing crosscuts and miter cuts.

Other requirement is that the tool must be able to miter a piece of standard crown molding.

After three years of production tooling and product development, Rockwell started the model 34-010 power miter saw.

The miter saw has a a 9-inch blade.

because of its unique features and new to the world of crosscuts, this new miter saw invention became a best seller.

From that point on, many manufacturers developed different kind of miter saw as you see today in the United States market.

The anatomy of miter saw

If you want to know deeply about miter saw, it would be vital and essential to discover the anatomy of a miter saw.

You have to know the major components of miter saw and what they all do.

So here is the list of most common components of miter saw.

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Fence – the fence of the miter saw is the flat surface, tough, robust and sturdy surface that you can place workpieces up against to keep the stability while doing cuts. The fence usually attached on the table and runs given a line to the miter saw’s 90° position. Different model may have different features, some fences have some more features that allow you to change to different positions. Fences also can deliver quick and convenient workpiece measurements.

Blade – this is the most trustworthy component on the miter saw regarding all the slashing workpieces and cutting works. The cutting capacity of the miter saw means that the blade can only tackle and manage the size of the workpieces. 5 to 7 inches are the sizes of common and the majority of miter saws. Miter saws are easy to transport onto a job site. Homeowner and contractors few times purchase a bigger blade model around 12 inches in diameter.

Guard – the blade has a component called the guard. The guard is attached around the blade and it protects the entire top half of the blade. The bottom portion of the guard is connected to a moveable joints. The function of the guard is to keep from harm both the blade and users when being use and when not being use. The bottom half of the guard is connected to a moveable joints that oscillates or sways or swings open as you move downward direction the blade, that would create an opening as low as how far you move it downward. When it get as far as to your workpiece, the bottom guard portion is getting out of the way, returning as the saw is raised back up.

Scale – a miter saw has scale to ascertain, decide or determine the right angle you are slashing, trimming, and cutting when you are making preference degree of the miter cut. This motion will move in circle around with the saw as you turn it. The degree is shown on the table as indicator you are at. Several type of miter saw have have stops to let you move over quickly and lock on your preferred cutting angles including 45°, 90°, and 22.5°. If a compound saw has the ability of cutting bevels, additional scale on the saw’s arm should become an additional scale that indicates the degree it is angled at.

Power switch and the handle – the power switch and handle are one part component. Many miter saws use a trigger to start the miter saw that is incorporated into the handle. While you hold the handle to lower it down, you can power the miter saw with the power switch. You can totally manage the blade with the same hand. To make the grip comfortable, the handle has an ergonomic shape, so as the shape of the power trigger or power switch. In order to cease the spinning of the blade, all you have to do is to let off the power trigger.

Table – a miter saw is equipped with a table. It is the large flat portion to which the saw is joined and connected. The table is you work area as well as a base for the saw. There are many other components attached to the table, and clamps are usually comes with it or some models does not have clamps.

Vise – a vise grip is also a common part of a miter saw nowadays on at least one side. A vise can provide on stabilizing the saw on the surface where you put the workpiece, or for supporting workpieces in place for longer time, hold them tight as you lower the blade into them.

How you can use a miter saw?

When you have decided you purchase a miter saw, you have to know that miter saw have a restricted range of use.

Nevertheless, miter saw have at least three type of cuts.

Here is the list of cuts.


If you are cutting a straight angle across a workpiece that is parallel with the edges. Cutting off the edge of a 2×4 board to make it a 2×3 board. Crosscuts is absolutely an easy application and certainly every person is able to do. When you are using a miter saw, you will get the advantage simply lowering the blade down onto a workpiece in one motion. It is probably even more precise, accurate and easier than other method on guiding a blade through a workpiece.

Miter cuts

Miter cuts simply means any angled cut you make through a workpiece. Different to crosscuts where it run parallel to sides of workpiece, miter cuts run diagonally at a preferred degree of angle. This operation does not angle the blade. Instead, it is just the direction that it is in the motion of cutting.

Bevel cuts

A bevel cut allude to cut with knifelike edges that are not vertical or at an angle of 90° to a given line, plane, or surface to the top of the workpiece, wood or material. It is a cut in round in profile and has radius. The angle scaled against a square edge cut. At this location, the blade is on an angle against the vertical plane. This is done to discover the sharp edge of the workpiece. Sometimes it is also called incline cut, cant cut, angled cut, slope cut, and slant cut.

You might get confused to see the difference of bevel cuts and miter cuts. A miter cut is cutting two pieces of workpieces in angle before linking or joining them. Bevel cuts can be A, V, X, K, Bottom Y, and Top Y edges. Bevel cut is utilized for doing decorative finishing techniques, adding support for welding and adding an edge’s surface area. The bevel cuts are used in the carpentry to develop and make small pieces of woods. The creation should be more aesthetically pleasing to look. The bevel cuts are used to dampen a wood’s edge without causing a fracture to the woods.

The bevel cuts are a technique for hiding the joints between two different wood workpieces by fastening together one piece with the other piece with an edge to make a complete a complementary angle.

What are different types of miter saw?

Standard miter saw

It is categorized as the most common and basic miter saw that can provide straight cuts in many variation of angles. All miter saw can cut a 90° and 45° angles, depending on the blade size. You can find many extra features available in different brands, but miter saws can deliver miter cuts and crosscuts. Standard miter saw are for those doing framing jobs or projects or just a simple and basic cutting needs.

Compound Miter Saw

If you want a simple cuts with beyond 90° of angle, you would have to purchase a compound miter saw. It means that the miter saw is capable to rotate the blade head at a preferred variety of angles from the board. The rotation of angle allow a ramp angled cut into the side of the workpiece or wood, and can deliver more complex cuts that are used when doing cuts for homes. A compound miter saw is referring to a single compound miter saw. A compound miter saw’s head only rotating on one side.

Dual compound miter saw

Different than the compound miter saw, this type of miter saw allows the head to revolve on the right hand and left hand of the saw. The maneuver is very useful for many decorative cuts. You save from having to flip the board to slash the same angle on the other side of the workpiece. The function is the same as compound miter saw. Dual compound saw will move both left and right to a sloping position, and are capable to make bevel cuts at preferred angle very fast.

Sliding compound miter saw

It is similar to compound miter saw, but has additional radial arm saw feature. The addition allow you to slide the saw head back and forth, that will make a greater size of the board so it can be crosscut. With greater size of the board for delivering the saw a wider range of cutting choices for bigger workpieces and exceedingly have better functionality of the saw. By sliding the (saw) head, you are able to cut pieces wider than the blade, more importantly doubling its cutting capacity.

Laser LED sliding compound miter saw

When you do cuts, you always want to be sure you get the accuracy, precision and exactness when using a sliding compound miter saw. You can do this by choosing laser LED sliding compound miter saw. The laser portion is shaped like a disc washer piece that is mounted to the saw blade and targeting down, to display and show the exact point where the blade will cut. While the LED lights will give you more clarity to your visual.

Most popular miter saw brand names


When you Google the word miter saw, there will always be products manufactured by DeWalt. Because it is one of the most seek and popular power tool manufacturers especially in the United States. DeWalt is probably the most picked and favorite power tools among professionals, contractors, homeowner and beginners. At a fair price point, DeWalt offer so many durable power tools like miter saw. DeWalt broad history as a saw manufacturer. It started in the year of 1923 Raymond E. DeWalt. He was the inventor of the radial saw. About 20 years later, the company officially became DeWalt Inc in 1947 as it became a rapid growing company. DeWalt manufacture and sell many variety of miter saw in the United States.


Bosch is a worldwide brand name of power tools. The company sells and manufacture many variety of power tools span from construction tools to automotive tools. The company probably the oldest power tools company in the world as it started back in 1886. It was started by Robert Bosch in Stuttgart, Germany. First it was named “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering” in Stuttgart. It was recognized as the birth of the company. Bosch performed all the work such as installing telephone systems and electric bells. He built a magneto ignition device for a stationary engine and improved the way for better magneto ignition production. Right from the start, Bosch was characterized by innovative strength. Bosch miter saws are well known for heavy duty and most powerful tools for professionals working in the construction industry.

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Makita Electric Works was founded in 1915, started as a repair shop for equipment and repair tools located in Nagoya, Japan. It was established by a mas named Saburo Makita. Before selling power tools, they were selling transformers, motors and lighting equipment. Later, the company shift its focus to selling power tools only. In the modern Makita company, their production of miter saw become very popular and best sellers. Makita brand of miter saw praise as offering affordable price. The portable woodworking tools group includes routers, n

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