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The Best Lawn Mower For Zoysia Grass

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The texture and elegance of Zoysia grass are truly one-of-a-kind. It is, however, difficult to maintain, despite its versatility. You must choose the appropriate mowing instrument for this type of grass. As a result, the best lawn mower for zoysia grass should be your first pick.

Lawn mowers include rotary mowers, push mowers, reel mowers, self-pull mowers, and more. Depending on your needs, any of these varieties could be the best option.

Best Lawn Mower for Zoysia Grass in 2021





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Scotts Classic

There are five blades that are made of steel treated with high heat

The cutting widths have 20 adjusting positions

The handles are ergonomic and cushioned


American Push Reel

There are four blade reels that have cutting width of 14c inches

The blade height is adjustable from 0.5 to 1.75 inches

Can cut grass that are 4 inches tall


Fiskars Stay

This mower is designed with an inertia drive reel, and is suitable for all types of grass

The height of the mower is adjustable

Comes with a three years warranty


Greenworks Grass Catcher

Comes with a rear bag

Height can be adjusted to 9 positions

Contains front wheels of 10 inches, and rear wheels of 4 inches


Craftsman M275

The mower comes with one rear bag, one lithium ion battery of 20 V, an engine oil and a charger

The machine weighs about 86.8 pounds

The cutting width is about 21 inches and the cutting height is of 1.25 inches


1. Scotts Classic

For lawn maintenance or keeping the grass in shape, a mower is required, and several companies offer the finest mower at a reasonable price. Scotts Classic Tools Company is known for its outdoor items, and this mower is one of their best products.

The Scotts Classic's blades are comprised of alloy steel which makes them very sharp and are lightweight at 2.2 pounds, making them easy to use. With just a manual power supply, Scotts Classic is constructed quite tastefully and simply.

You may also alter the height of their cutting blades for a smooth cut.Outdoor Hand Tools by Scotts are one of the greatest electric mowers for Zoysia grass that comes with 5 Inch long blades.


  • There is no need for gasoline, gas, or a battery
  • They come within budget
  • Made of material of excellent quality


  • It is unsuitable for tall grasses or for shredding leaves

2. American Push Reel

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3. Fiskars Stay

For grass cutting and pruning, keep your reel mower sharp. It provides a smooth cut without the need for a battery. Furthermore, the Fiskars Stay mower has no engine noise and does not require gas or oil.

ThisStaysharp mower has a nice appearance, the structure is simple and appealing. Staysharp mowers use a manual source of power and weigh 52 pounds. Among lawn mowers, this product is one of our favorites!


  • The machine is easy to set up
  • The Staysharp can be folded, if there aren't enough room, you may fold this and store it in a small spot
  • Makes no noise and gives out no burning smell


  • It is not easy to take a u turn with this mower

4. Greenworks Grass Catcher

The next product on our list is the retractable lawn mower by Green Works. The blades of the mower have a spiral steel pattern which can swiftly cut the grasses like Zoysia Grass. Cutting paths of 18 inches are available for this machine which is both efficient and rapid.

In addition, the mower offers a 2-in-1 rear bag with mulching functionality. Furthermore, multiple height adjustments are available so that you may customize the height to suit your needs. For mobility, the mower includes rear wheels of 4 inches and a front wheel of 10 inches.

However, it does not need any maintenance or frequent tuning, allowing you to use the mower for a prolonged period of time without having to worry about it. Finally, the device is accompanied by a four-year warranty card.


  • The machine does not require gas so it emits no fumes
  • The mulched grass can be collected in a rear bag
  • Easy to set up and use


  • You could face problems with the mower's angle

5. Craftsman M275

The Craftsman M275 is a gas-powered self-propelled lawnmower with an engine of 159CC. The front wheels are self-propelled and might even be auto controlled.

Furthermore, the front wheels can be driven by a separate lever and the mower can be swiftly accelerated. The cutting blade is 21 inches broad, allowing you to quickly cut a larger area of the lawn in no time.

The mower comes with a dual-layer where the trimming heights may be adjusted in six positions. For traction and durability, the mower sports a front wheel of 8 inches and rear wheels of 11 inches. A 2 year warranty is included with the product. Altogether, this is the best gas-powered lawn mower for Zoysia grass.


  • The mower has a larger cutting surface and will speed up the cutting as pruning process
  • The mower has a high propulsion speed allowing you to move it swiftly without exerting too much effort
  • You may also choose your preferred speed for better control and management of the mower


  • Might cross budget

Buying Guide

Before you acquire a lawn mower for Zoysia grass, make sure to get all of the features and qualities of the mower you want.

Blades Number

The blades are the most significant part of the grass-cutting process. When purchasing a new mower the blade number must be considered. It would be much better to utilize a mower that has more blades since it allows for faster and more effective lawn mowing.


When purchasing a new mower, weight is an important consideration to make. Heavy lawn mowers are often used on bigger lawns, whilst lightweight mowers would be more appropriate for smaller lawns. Mowers that are light in weight are simpler to handle than larger mowers, yet heavyweight mowers have far superior durability than others.


If you want a lawn mower that will last for a long time, durability is an important issue to consider when purchasing one. The mower's warranty ranges from one to four years. You must choose whether or not the mower you are purchasing is long-lasting.


Electric and motorized lawn mowers are significantly more expensive to maintain than manual mowers. To achieve better results with a manual lawn mower, you simply need to keep the blades sharp on a regular basis; however, an electric mower demands a replacement of motor, batteries and other components.

Wheel Size

Mowers offer a variety of wheel sizes which allow the user to propel the mower ahead. The wheel is usually between 10 and 12 inches in diameter. As per experts, it is preferable to choose a mower that has larger wheels since it helps you to quickly cut thick grass and go around curve areas.


The mower's pricing is really important. An electric mower is more expensive than a manual one. This is owing to the fact that a manual mower does not require any type of oil, battery or engine.

Final Thoughts

Because of its consistent texture and color, Zoysia grass is simply a wonderful gift from nature. Because the Zoysia grass has a high heat plus salt tolerance, it must be handled with care. They have a consistent growth rate, so when properly maintained, it gracefully covers your lawn in calm and lusciously brilliant hues.

It's critical to understand how to trim Zoysia grass and which mower is ideal for it. In this guide, we attempted to come up with the best products in the hopes that you will be able to choose the finest one for your lawn.

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