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Best Kentucky Bluegrass Seed For Overseeding ????

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If you want to cover your lawn with the lushest, dense and durable grass that does not cost you too much time and energy, Kentucky bluegrass is one of the best options you have. Having a good-looking lawn with utilities not only enhances the overall beauty of the home but proves to be a safe haven for the kids, pets,and family members to have fun.

Best Kentucky Grass Seeds in 2021





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Blue Ribbon blend

Premium organic ingredients coir and mycorrhizae

No need to mix

Perfect for raised beds

Can be used outdoor and indoor


Scotts Turf Builder

Perfect for almost any weather

Will help your land absorb more nutrients and water

Self-repairing abilities


Barenbrug USA TVKBG7 TV 7 lb

It’s preferable to use this in sunny condition but a little shady is also fine

Low growth

High-quality bag

Heat tolerant


Pennington blend

Self-repairing abilities

Low maintenance

Protects well from pests and insects


1. Blue Ribbon Blend

Nature's Seed's Blue Ribbon Blend is unquestionably one of the greatest options. Only the highest-rated and quality-assured cultivars make it into this Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass mixture after extensive filtration. This results in a cool-season grass with a velvety texture and noticeable deep green hue that is genetically superior.

Apart from that, it has the ability to endure unmatched traffic tolerance. This breed is ideal for the higher and superior quality of sports fields,lawns, courses, and picnic spots in the northern half of the United States. It demands preferably cooler weather in contrast to other varieties.

In general, the product has received rave reviews. This product is known as the 'Blue Ribbon' for a reason.

This product's combination is based on twenty years of study, expertise, and client input. It is simple to believe in its dependability and superb blend.

As a result, a high-quality blend of excellent Kentucky Bluegrasses and perennial ryegrasses has been developed. The goal of the mix is to provide the highest quality variety, genetic color, and texture while obviating the need for regular fertilization.

The combination of bluegrass and perennial ryegrass is a one-of-a-kind combination, with bluegrass and perennial ryegrass topping the list in terms of usefulness. This combines the greatest features of both worlds.

The ryegrass is utilized to help the lawn establish faster than Kentucky bluegrass. The slower-growing Kentucky bluegrass emerges later and crowds out other species, giving the lawn a beautiful color and texture.

It is ideal for residential lawns, sports turf, high traffic areas, and locations where children and dogs play outside, since it is one of the most popular and sought goods on the list.


  • Preferably northern regions while a comparatively cooler climate.
  • Can endure lower moisture
  • High resistance to diseases and insects
  • Medium texture
  • High adaptability and versatility
  • Requires moderate sunshade
  • Great suit for beautification, sports field, and high traffic lawn
  • 80% Kentucky Bluegrass and 20% ryegrass


  • Can endure climate up to transitional breeds but performs poorer in warmer regions
  • Comparatively higher maintenance
  • Not suitable for handling too much traffic of regular gardens

2. Scotts Turf Builder

It is the top pick on the list. With amazing reviews and customer feedbacks, nothing can go wrong with this product. This mix is versatile, widely used, and has very high adaptability power to cope up with lawns and pastures.

This mix can easily endure the rough winters if the climate is unfavorable. The perennial grass is well resistant to the harshness of the winters. Even though, this mix is vulnerable to heat more in comparison to other products on the list. But the self-repairing capability of the grasses is unmatched.

This mix comes up with Water Smart Plus coating which means it can help to absorb water and thus can protect the seedlings from diseases and insects. It can endure way more traffic in numbers compared to other products in this list. Also, this is the best deal for its price. Moderate shade and sunny areas are necessary for this Kentucky bluegrass to reach its full potential.

According to the company, this product is the most cold-tolerant grass seed mix in its collection. When it comes to heat, drought, and heavy traffic damage, Scotts says that this product has the best self-repair capabilities of any competitor on the market.

And the feedback and reviews from customers back up their claim. The coating, as previously said, is the distinguishing aspect of this product.

This seed has a 4-in-1 Water Smart Plus Coating, which allows it to absorb twice as much water as a seed that isn't coated. It also provides critical nutrients and aids in disease prevention for seedlings. As a result, this product grows faster and greener.


  • Can outstand the rough and cold weathers
  • Robust and stronger than most other mixes
  • High resistance to diseases and insects
  • High texture
  • High self-repairing abilities
  • Requires moderate shades and sunny areas
  • High water-absorbing capabilities
  • Quicker growth


  • Vulnerable to heat
  • More robust breeds than other competitors
  • Lower versatility

3. Barenbrug USA TVKBG7 TV 7 lb.

This product is the top pick if you want fast-growing grass. No other bluegrass can beat the fast germination and establishment of this mix. Due to its fast establishments, it becomes a very important pick for sports field and sod production.

The tolerance is almost as good as the other products here, if not better. But apart from the fast controllable growth, the product stands out with its high disease-resistant capabilities.

Apart from that, it has great germination performance at low and high temperatures. Thus if the weather is adverse and unpredictable, then this product will come up with the most predictable and consistent performance, which is actually very good in terms of the numbers.

Apart from that, it stands out as low mowing grass. The texture is very good and the color is dark green. Furthermore, it also has a fine leaf texture. This product also has excellent rust and anthracnose resistance

Being a comparatively newer product in the market, this amazing new Kentucky bluegrass variety was specially bred for high turf quality and fast establishment and growth. Thus, this new generation, high-performing variety is actually setting many standards to the other brands for standard Kentucky bluegrass.

It thrives in both high and low-maintenance summer lawns, sports fields, tees, and fairways, and is an excellent addition to lawn, sports field, tee, and fairway mixtures. This cultivar may be used alone or alongside Tall fescue, Perennial ryegrass, and Red fescues.


  • Extremely quick germination and establishment
  • Great germination at low and high adverse temperatures
  • Low mowing grass
  • Outstanding heat and drought tolerance
  • Medium-dark color
  • Fine leaf texture
  • Rust resistance
  • Aggressive growth
  • Rapid damage repair
  • Early spring green-up


  • Only comes into consideration if the weather is adverse
  • Requires constant monitoring and high maintenance
  • Aggressive growth at times can cause troubles if any diseases spread
  • Expensive in comparisons with the products in the list

4. Pennington Blend

Pennington products stand out as a sign of reliability. They are one of the most reliable brands available in the market. While most of the brands buy seeds from the open markets and apply mixes accordingly, Pennington is one of the few brands that work directly with the network of dedicated growers.

This company claims that its products are built on decades of trust and integrity. Thus this legacy comes up with impressive product lines for the Kentucky bluegrass seed.

It has been one of the top picks considering the factors of customer satisfaction. And it is truly reflected from the companies policies and the motto that states- 'We know our seed and the farmers who produce them'. Too many families and organizations Pennington Kentucky bluegrass seed is synonymous with an ideal lawn. This product dense, lush and durable grass.

Four to six hours of sunshine would be a considerate amount for this mix to thrive and grow. It also has an expected high growth rate. Planting it in the early spring or early fall and the results will likely be seen by as early as 15 to 30 days. Apart from that this does not cost too much energy and effort in contrast to other brands.


  • Very reliable and high customer satisfaction rate
  • Best for transitional weather states.
  • Excellent quality
  • Moderate maintenance requirements
  • Can endure lower moisture
  • High texture
  • Bright green color
  • Good self-repair capabilities
  • Decent insect and drought resistance


  • Poorer performance in adverse weathers
  • Limited to a soil type and condition
  • Lower versatility

Best Kentucky Grass Seeds – Info Section

How to Choose Grass Type

Establishing lush, dense, and beautiful grass depends a lot on diligence. But the actual success depends on the grass itself. Every factor has to align with the conditions and environment in which it is sown. So the factors that are to be considered are:

  • Climate
  • Yard’s sun exposure
  • Moisture of lawn
  • Drought resistance
  • Disease resistance
  • Foot traffic

Picking a seed that matches the climate is more than just important. It can be stretched from cool seasonal grasses to warm seasonal ones. After that is done the yard’s sun exposure and moisture have to be taken into account.

According to the climate, the drought and disease-resistant capability of the grasses will vary. So you should be careful enough before blending in the factors. Finally, pick a grass that can stand up to the foot traffic that the lawn will be receiving. 

Benefits of Overseeding a Lawn

Overseeding is basically the process of planting new seeds to fill in for the areas of thinning turf or patchy spots across the lawn. It is a great way of improving your lawn and enhancing its colors and appearance. Benefits of overseeding are:

  • Dramatically improves lawn’s health
  • Increases the thickness
  • Enhanced appearance and color
  • Increased disease and insect resistance
  • Improved weed resistance
  • Helps to avoid conditions like thinning or patchy grasses, poor drainage, etc.

How to Plant Kentucky Bluegrass Seed

So it is very important to pick the right seed for the lawn. Considering all the factors, Kentucky grass is considered to be the most ideal of all the seeds in the market.

Known for its adaptability, it is found all over the United States. This bluegrass is a cool-season favorite but on the flip side, it has a limited shade tolerance. The only catch is that it requires more maintenance in comparison to other grasses. But if you want a lawn that matures into a beautiful, sod-forming turf like a spreading mat, this is the right pick for you.

To grow Kentucky bluegrass seeds, we have to prepare a firm, smooth and decent seedbed and buy good quality seeds. Well-drained soil is best for the growth of Kentucky bluegrass. If there are disturbed areas in the yard, it is to be dealt with soil amendments.

After they have been taken care of, seeds can be planted in the soil and covered with dirt that is no more than one-fourth to one-half inch deep. For proper germination, moisture must be maintained at all times. It is important to irrigate up to 16 inches. It takes 21 to 28 days for seeds to germinate.

If you start to see blades of grass sprouting in the spring, watering can be done once to twice a week from one to two and a half inches. Before planting, it is recommended that users prepare their soil. While fertilizer could provide your lawn with essential nutrients, applying it to keep it seem as bright as possible is simply a temporary solution.


You can save a lot of time and money if you prepare your soil long in advance.Now you know what the best Kentucky Bluegrass Seeds are. All you have to do is find out which product will best suit your soil. Then order, and give your land the best fertility.

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