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Best Grazing Muzzle Horses

Summer has arrived. Along with it comes the luxuriant grass bed. If your equine friend, your horse, spends too much time exposed to grass, it can lead to health issues like laminitis and colic. Look no further if you want to cut down your equine mate's grass intake. Read on to find the Best Grazing Muzzle for Horses!

To reduce this intake, grazing muzzles are highly beneficial tools. You will find a wide range of grazing muzzles in the market. For your ease, we have selected the best grazing muzzle for horses.

Let's dive right in! In our article ' Best Grazing Muzzle for Horses '

Best Grazing Muzzle For Horses in 2021




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Large Holes

Easy Breathing Poly/Nylon

Throat snap

2.Tough-1 Delux V

Large holes


Nylon web halter/muzzle combination

3.Best Friend Cob Grazing Muzzle

Easy clip-on

Buckle breakaway method

Side straps


Lightweight design


Works great with Velco

5.Shires Deluxe

Complete adjustability

Durable base of rubber

Web bars or reinforced nylon

1. TGW RIDING - Best Grazing Muzzle Horses

1 6

For its great key features, the TGW Riding grazing muzzle made its way to the top. The TGW Riding grazing muzzle, made of durable nylon/poly,  has the ability to outlast most of the expensive muzzles available in the market. 

It lets sufficient air flow, boasting large holes on one side. Through the hole, the quantity the horse eats is small and restricts its intake as well.


  • Promotes easy breathing
  • Nicely fits your equine friend
  • The color range is decent


  • Destroys easily
  • The bottom is not sturdy enough

2. Tough-1 Delux V - Best Grazing Muzzle Horses

2 6

One of the popular muzzles, Tough-1 Delux, has an easy breathe formula. What makes it so famous is its design permits easy adjustments. 

Supposedly, you need to buy a muzzle to use on different-sized horses or tighten them, then this is the best choice for you. 

While the horses breathe using the large holes, the V trap helps to keep its muzzle in place easily. Around the jawline, the crown's padding gives comfort.


  • Does not prohibit airflow
  • Comfortable padding
  • Adjustable
  • Durable material


  • Muzzle shortened recently
  • Does not remain steady at times

3. Best Friend Cob Grazing Muzzle - Best Grazing Muzzle Horses

3 6

One of the best best friend grazing muzzles, Cob Grazing Muzzle, is spacious enough to allow your equine friend comfortable chewing. While wearing this, your house can peacefully drink. 

If your horse is difficult to fit, this best friend grazing muzzle is the best choice. It features a 4-way adjustable system that has a breakaway loop and hook. You can attach by looping the 4 straps above the chinstrap and noseband. For more stability, you can loop the side straps through halter rings.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to place on a halter
  • Great fit


  • Peels hair
  • Rubs jawbones at times


Best Grazing Muzzle Horses

Where are all the perfectionists at? This grazing muzzle is just perfect – it does not rub, is lightweight, and permits air to pass through so that your horse does not heat up. 

It limits the grass intake while offering these amazing features. Made to fit larger muzzles, this Greenguard muzzle offers large sizes. It generally fits horses having 5-6 inch bit. 

This is primarily suitable for horses that are not rough on their gears. Grab the open design to let your horse breathe comfortably.


  • Your horse doesn't rub its nose
  • Lighter muzzle
  • Functions better than the basket ones


  • Strap at the front falls loose
  • Not suitable for larger horses

5. Shires Deluxe

Best Grazing Muzzle Horses

Lastly, the Shires Deluxe Muzzle is one great choice for horses who create problems wearing grazing muzzles. They come with fleece wool padding surrounding the chin and muzzle. 

Adjustable,  the Shire muzzle features a D-ring to attach the lead rope. Using the durable base of rubber and web bars of reinforced nylon, the muzzle offers stability to your horse. 

It is a great deal, considering the protection and price. As they come in multiple sizes, choose the right size for your equine friend.


  • Many sizes available
  • Offers great protection
  • Budget-friendly


  • Spacing between straps are smaller
  • Padding becomes hot in several areas

Information Section - Best Grazing Muzzle Horses

What are Grazing Muzzles? - Best Grazing Muzzle Horses

Before learning about the best grazing muzzle for horses, let us know what grazing muzzles actually are. 

Grazing muzzles are equipment that enables horses to graze more extensive areas for a long time. Owners use this as an aid to cut down grass intake. Over the other methods, this is the best for intake restriction. 

It is mandatory for overweight horses or those that suffer from a disease like laminitis. Boasting a hole at the lower parts, the muzzle functions to continue the graze while lowering the intake. 

They, however, cannot be used to prevent them from eating.

How long should a horse wear a grazing muzzle? - Best Grazing Muzzle Horses

No matter how comfortable a grazing muzzle is, it should not be kept 24/7. As per horse caretakers, horses should not be worn grazing muzzles more than 9-12 hours per day. 

An important thing to note is that your horse's access to plans or grazing must be restricted during the muzzle-free time to cut down compensatory eating. Otherwise, your hard work will come to no use.

Do these grazing muzzles work? - Best Grazing Muzzle Horses

Many of you might ask whether grazing muzzles work or not. Do they really restrict grass intake? 

According to research, studies show that over a 3-hour time limit, grazing muzzles reduce grass intake drastically – almost by 83%. 

Combined with a 14-hour unmuzzled turnout, a 10-hour muzzled duration might reduce any weight gain in horses.

Tips for using a grazing muzzle - Best Grazing Muzzle Horses

  • Let your horse get acquainted with the new muzzle
  • Make sure that you fit the muzzle appropriately. Most of the muzzles listed above will arrive          carrying fitting advice
  • Remove any potential hazards that might cause your muzzle to get trapped
  • Monitor the weight of your horse every week and manage a body condition point assessment        at least once every 2 to 4 weeks
  • Check to see rubbing every day – common regions include behind ears, lips, top of the                    muzzle, cheekbones, on the poll, and below the chin. 
  • Ensure that the grazing is limited when it is in the muzzle-free state to neglect compensatory        eating. 
  • The prevalent option is putting the horse in an empty paddock filled with soaked hay or                  stabling
  • Monitor that the horse is able to consume grass in the field. Too short or too long grazing             presents difficulties in eating through the muzzle.

Why Should Your Horse Wear a Grazing Muzzle?

Apart from reducing the grass intake, a grazing muzzle can offer other benefits to your horse. Let's check them out:

  • Healthy time - Best Grazing Muzzle Horses

Although confinement is the most effective way to restrict grass intake, horses suffer from adverse effects like loneliness, boredom, and laziness. 

When taken outside wearing grazing muzzles, horses can get exercise and move freely. They can socialize with neigboring horses and prevent boredom. All you need to do is check that your horse does not overeat. 

  • Prevents obesity - Best Grazing Muzzle Horses

Your horse can easily overeat, leading to obesity. You have definitely come across this phrase – Eat like a horse. Often, when the horses are in a green pasture filled with luscious grass, they eat large quantities. 

Consuming this amount of grass exceeds the caloric intake. A grazing muzzle helps to eat less, preventing obesity. 

  • Integrates exercise to prevent adverse diseases - Best Grazing Muzzle Horses

As we mentioned, obesity is one of the adverse diseases that horses can face. Muzzles help to manage the grazing level that cuts off fat, reduces strain on joints, reduces stress, and loses weight. 

As the metabolism increases, your horse becomes healthier!

Are Horses Able to Drink Properly Wearing Muzzles?

This is one of the frequently asked questions. Can horses drink the way they used to before wearing muzzles? 

Yes, they can.

Most of the muzzles are designed in a way that permits your equine friends to drink the required amount. Any excessive water drains from the muzzle bottom while the horses wear them. 

Some grazing muzzles drain slowly, retaining the water in your muzzle longer than recommended. If this happens often, horses lose interest in drinking. Eventually, they avoid drinking, leading them to become dehydrated. 

While drinking, horses can easily get wet. So their muzzles need to be taken off daily. As your horse can dehydrate quickly, you need to stock freshwater beside it.

Is Using Grazing Muzzle Cruel?

No, it is not. After all, you are using it for the betterment of your horse.

Final Thoughts

So that's a wrap for the best grazing muzzle for horses. You can check our list above and weigh the pros and cons to find the one that ticks all your boxes. 

We have also added an information section to answer some of the queries you might have about grazing muzzles. We hope this was an informative read! 

Pick the best grazing muzzle for your equine mate. After all, they deserve the best, right?

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