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6 Best Exercise Bike Under 500 2020 Ultimate Guide


Best Exercise Bike under 500. The exercise bike is the perfect sport to refines and muscle up your legs as well as thighs while also losing your weight. There are also many great benefits to your body and your health.

Exercise bike provides a feeling of happiness through the secretion of hormones, increases confidence, decreases anxiety and stress, gives antidepressive effects, and reduces the risk of various diseases.

What are the benefits of exercise bike

1. Good for the heart

The heart is a muscle that needs to be trained regularly to stay in shape. It is just like other muscles in your body.

A well-trained heart encourages a lower heart rate, during exercise, and rest. A well-trained heart will be less stressed and beats less frequently.

Blood pressure circulates blood in your arteries and getting lowered when it is more muscular. This is possible because the heart ejects a larger volume of blood at every contraction.

The beneficial effect of exercising on an exercise bike on the heart helps you reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. If you engage in regular physical activity are less likely to have a stroke or any cardiovascular accident.

You will get these health benefits after you exercise two to three times a week for 30 to 45 minutes per session. You can measure your pulse at rest and track the improvement within three to four weeks.

The exercise bike is ideal for training your heart muscle.

2. Good for your lung and breathing capacity

Physical activity and sports can increase muscle performance, so muscles need less oxygen during exercise and produce less carbon dioxide. You will not be out of breathing as fast during the activity.

Besides, exercising regularly can help you improve your respiratory capacity since you discover how to manage the frequency better and intensity of your breathing during a workout.

Symptoms of COPD, asthma, and chronic lung disease can be reduced by doing sports and physical activity. Ask your doctor first for advice before you engage in any sports or physical activity.

3. Gain muscle and strengthen the legs

Exercising on an exercise bike is the right choice for toning your arms, abdominal, buttocks, back muscle, legs, and thighs. Your muscles are operating when you increase the resistance using your exercise bike.

If you want to warm up first, use a low resistance level for improving endurance and not to gain muscle. The lower body muscle works on the exercise bike such as the glutes, the hamstrings, the quadriceps, and the calves.

4. Weight loss

An exercise bike can help you torch calories, and in the end, it is useful for weight loss. The higher the intensity of your bike exercise, the more calories you will burn.

You can lose about 740 kcal during a high-intensity bike exercise. The higher the power of the workout, the harder to keep cycling for a long time.

You can do a long cardio workout at a low or medium intensity one to two times a week and a high-intensity exercise (HIIT) once a week.

Factors to consider purchasing an exercise bike

1. Resistance level

When you are looking for an exercise bike, many models are integrated with various levels of resistance to choose from. Ensure to select an advanced model with resistance levels that can provide challenging workouts if you are relatively fit. You do not want to waste money on an exercise bike that is below your stamina.

Look for an exercise bike that you can adjust with ease and can provide a wide variety of workout levels. Select an exercise bike which has electronic resistance control which can be controlled electronically.

2. Safety

Exercise bikes may have many hazardous moving parts, to avoid any injury, you must follow directions. Be sure to place your exercise bike out of children’s reach, and it is properly locked.

Keep young children away from your exercise bike with safety locks. Children must be kept away from at all time.

3. Budget

The most advanced exercise bikes on the market will not be affordable. Finding a suitable exercise bike model should not be too much work and not determined by your budget.

Basic recumbent and upright bikes come with price tags between as low as $100 to $500 while advanced exercise bike used in commercial gyms tend to be priced at $1,000 or more.

4. Built-in programs

If you are going to purchase an exercise bike, you should look for exercise bikes that come with built-in programs to help you do your workout routines based on your stamina levels. These programs are invented by fitness experts to perform based on your goals, weight, gender, and fitness level.

5. Warranty

It is highly recommended that you pay extra attention to the warranty details covering the exercise bike before your purchase. The length of the warranty is the first note you should notice.

Find out if the warranty is full or partial. The partial warrant means only certain areas are covered. Please choose one that comes with at least a 1-year full warranty not partial.

The most advanced and elite models with enormous price tags come with the lengthiest warranties. There are a few exceptions though so you clarify instead of making assumptions.

6. Weight capacity

Exercise bike on the market today comes with a weight capacity. This statement should tell you as a guide before making a purchase.

Make sure you find a model that can serve your weight to prevent undue pressure on the parts. You have to remember that exercising on a bike that is too lightweight for you can increase the risk of suffering injuries.

Most exercise bike models come with weight limits between 250 to 300 pounds.

7. Seat comfort

If you are working out on an exercise bike for an extended period, it can lead you to pain. Seating comfort is the critical piece so you will not suffer during the workout.

If you are going to purchase an exercise bike, see if the seats are comfortable enough and you can read the reviews to get the information.

8. Height

Not all exercise bike is the same. The exercise bike has a different height.

Choosing an exercise bike with adjustable height is essential. Most exercise bike models come with a specific range of height for users.

For a comfortable exercise, the exercise bike must fall within the range, so you should have no problems adjusting it. Purchasing an exercise bike with the wrong levels of comfort during workouts will be a bust.

List of the best exercise bike Under 500

1. MaxKare Magnetic Exercise Bikes Stationary Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike

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If you are searching for the best indoor home gym fitness bike, you can rely on the MaxKare Magnetic exercise bike. It is equipped with belt drive mechanism options that make your exercise bike quieter and smooth.

What you will achieve using this stationary exercise indoor bike is to develop strength levels, increase tone muscle, and help lose weight. The seat is a 4-way adjustable seat and 2-way adjustable handlebar to provide a comfortable riding experience.

The padded seating is spacious and big makes your riding the exercise bike more productive and convenient workout. If you want to move the lightweight exercise bike, it is moveable without any hassle.

The transportation wheels will help you move the exerciser bike. The magnetic resistance is noiseless, with flexible seating options.

The frame is a durable triangle that can hold heavyweight people with a maximum weight of 264 pounds. It is equipped with an LCD fitness monitor to track your fitness goal.

2. SYRINX Indoor Cycling Bike-Belt Drive Indoor Exercise Bike

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This SYRINX Indoor Cycling Bike Belt Drive Indoor exercise bike has an extended seat post that can be used by people with a height between 4.9 feet to 6.5 feet. The Syrinx Indoor cycling bike comes with a thirty-five-pound bidirectional flywheel that provides more momentum for the most challenging bike exercise experience.

Since it is using the belt-driven system, the bike provides a quieter and smoother and quieter ride.

The Syrinx Stationary Bike product comes with a quick resistance design and can adjust it with a simple twist. If you suddenly have to stop, all you have to do is to press down the emergency knob to stop spinning right away.

While riding, you will no slip on the anti-slip pedals equipped with adjustable straps and toe cages for safer cycling. The saddle is with a heat dissipation system and air permeability to bring you a more comfortable cycling experience.

The handlebar is made of durable vinyl and can be adjusted in the 4-way. The seat is also adjustable in 4-way.

You can enjoy your bike exercise that lasts longer because the material is anti-rust and meet you are every requirement. While you are exercising on the bike, you can monitor your calories torched, the odometer, distance, speed, and time, by seeing the LCD monitor.

If you bring e few items like your Ipad, phone, or book, there is a holder for these items and a bottle holder. The maximum weight it can hold is 280 pounds.

Once you receive the product, you can quickly assemble the exercise bike, and there is the included tools and manuals. You do not even have to worry about a defect because the exercise bike comes with a 12 months warranty (30-days full refund and 100% satisfaction guarantee).

3. pooboo Indoor Cycling Bike, Pro Belt Drive Exercise Bikes Stationary Bike for Home Cardio Gym Workout

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Pooboo is a professional brand that focuses on manufacturing products that can help people enjoy sports and exercise. Numerous health professionals recommend people to do at least 30-minutes of physical activity each day.

An exercise bike is one right choice to keep fit.

This poodoo Indoor Cycling Bike provides all of the requirements for a fantastic cycling workout and everything you as fitness enthusiasts could wish for. The exercise bike has a fully adjustable seat and adjustable handlebars that offer a fully customizable experience for user comfort and compatibility.

Its heavy-duty steel crank and frame add crucial durability, quality, and efficiency to go the distance, no matter your fitness goals.

The pooboo Indoor Cycling Bike is a blend of twenty-five pounds electroplated bidirectional flywheel, aluminum alloy best reel for anti-rust and abrasion-resistance, and reliable leather transmission belt.

This exercise bike has a resistance knob, so all you have to do is to turn the knob to adjust (to increase or to decrease) the intensity of your bike exercise. The knob activates the braking system safely and quickly.

There is also the micro turn adjustment to have a smooth, and safe transitions to more intensity levels. The exercise bike comes with a transport wheel for easy transport if you decide to relocate the exercise bike somewhere else indoor.

You will have a stable riding because it is made from a rock-solid construction and the extra-wide base.

It is equipped with an LCD monitor and pulse sensors that are necessary for your exercise bike so you can track your calories torched, time, speed, and distance. You can have multiple riding postures to do more comprehensive training.

You can still communicate with your friends using your phone and place the phone on a phone bracket. Keep your trusty favourite beverage by your side.

You can also place your bottle of water at arm’s length so that you can stay hydrated during those cardio workouts.

The seat can be loosened utilizing the knob and pull it to have a comfortable place. The handlebar can also be adjusted up or down.

4. JOROTO Indoor Cycling Bike Trainer

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One great solution for your exercise is this well-built JOROTO indoor cycling bike trainer. The flywheel is solid, weighing at 35 pounds with a comfortable seat that is easily adjustable and comes for a different size.

You can decrease or increase the adjustable resistance. For more convenient, the handlebar is adjustable in different height for exercise needs.

You can be sure that it is suitable for indoor use with AV type frame. The transport wheels makes it accesible for transport easily and it is a lightweight exercise bike.

It comes with a one year all parts warranty.

5. Exerpeutic LX7 Indoor Cycle Trainer with Computer Monitor and Heart Pulse Sensors

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This Exerpeutic LX7 indoor cycling bike is the perfect exercise for heavyweight people because it is a heavy-duty exercise bike. It is designed for 300 pounds of weight capacity. The design of the exercise bike is excellent and can help you with your cardio exercise.

This exercise bike can be used for outdoor and indoor for a more challenging workout. It is equipped with an LCD computer to see the workout stats.

The exercise bike has 40 pounds flywheel with chrome trim for quiet and smooth. It comes with multi-grip handlebars, comfortable seats, and a stable stand up pedaling capacity, with a 1-year warranty.

6. Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

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This Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike is an affordable exercise bike. The good thing about this exercise bike can last for a long time for its robust and sturdy structure.

The handlebar is height-adjustable with a simple knob to decrease and increase the resistance levels. It is equipped with a display system that can show you the torched calories, speed, and time.

When you purchase this exercise bike, it has a one-year frame warranty plus ninety days parts warranty. This exercise bike has a high weight capacity of 275 pounds.

People with short legs and different height can enjoy this exercise due to the adjustable seat. While in operation, the exercise bike offers smooth and soundless with a unique appearance.

How to maintain your exercise bike

1. Clean the frame

During the bike exercise, you could spill water and sweat all over the exercise bike. Sweat and water made contact with your cycle bike’s frame.

After a workout, you recommend locating wet spots on your pedals, frame, seat, and handlebars. This liquid that sits on your cycle bike can cause corrosion and deterioration.

Use a cleaning solution using 90 percent warm water and 10 percent soap. Use a spray bottle and fill it up with the mixture.

Begin spraying the solution on any part of the bike. After that, dry all parts of the exercise bike with a cotton or microfiber cloth.

2. Clean the brakes

Magnetic brakes used on bikes require virtually no maintenance because they stop the flywheel by using a contactless magnetic force. While contact braking systems, put friction against a flywheel to stop motion.

This is the reason why contact brakes require more maintenance to work efficiently. Changing and cleaning brakes on your bike using a cleaning brush and a silicon-based lubricant will maintain the brakes.

3. Check and lubricate the chain or belt drive

Exercise bikes have a chain-drive or belt-drive system to engage the flywheel. Chain-drive mechanisms require monthly maintenance.

While belt-drive mechanisms deliver smoother ride but require very little maintenance, you are recommended to lubricate your chain drive every month properly. Please read the user manual.