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Top 18 Best Bluetooth Party Speaker

Top 18 Best Bluetooth Party Speaker.

You can not have fun if there is no music playing while you are having a house party.

The music must be loud and must be great to hear.

What you need would be proper house party speakers.

By having proper house party speaker, you can start making some noise to disturb the neighborhood.

During the every decades like the 1940s or 1950s, a lot of people start dancing to the sound of concert or live music artist.

They also listen to their favorite radio station to listen to music to dance and enjoy the vibe.

Other decades like the 1960s and 1970s, rock and roll and disco dominate the wave of dancing people from the LP players.

Move on to the 1980s, cassette players are the choice for playing rap music or old school hip hop or heavy metal bands.

Getting into the year of 2Ks, MP3 players, iPods, Android phones and iPhone dominate the way people play their music.

Even so, house party is still the favorite thing to gather together to have fun at house party while listening to loud but great to hear music.

By having a house party, today’s technology can make an easy to setup wireless party speakers.

They are powerful, portable and light, but have the ability to move people around.

Using Bluetooth connectivity, you can manage between your Android or iPhone and the house party speaker.

You can manage a playlist of the band or artist you like that you get from streaming account or your music collection.

There is a list to choose from for the best Bluetooth party speakers.

Things to consider before you purchase best Bluetooth party speaker

Volume and loudness maybe things that matters for party event.

But it has to be portable so you can move them easily from one corner to another corner for better placement and listening.

You have to measure and regard how large the organized party event will be.

The things to consider would be how high the volume needed.

For how many hours the venue will be held.

Consider the place of the event would be outdoor or indoor regarding the weatherproof feature.

The use of microphone.

They all would be combine together, forming one great party.

1. JBL PartyBox 300 Premium Bluetooth Party Speaker

The JBL PartyBox 300 is a powered Bluetooth wireless speaker with lights, two 6-1/2″ woofers, three 2-1/4″ tweeters, and frequency response of 45-20,000 Hz.

You can just plug and start the party.

Use your Android phones or iPhone and connect with the Bluetooth connection for your music choices.

Equipped with light effects of Meter, Pulse, and Party to spark the live party.

The speaker can accommodate a sing along or play along with the music using both guitar and microphone inputs.You can also plug in a your USB flash drive which is preloaded with your party music.

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Main Features

USB – this device can be used for other device recharging. You will not have to have extra charger. You can recharge you Android phone, iPhone or other device.

Guitar and mic inputs – you can plug your guitar and mic for a sing along or playing the guitar during a party.

RCA & TWA – for connecting other speakers for up to 2 speakers at once.

Wireless Bluetooth Streaming – you can connect to your tablet or Android/iPhone for music streaming.

USB playback – just preload your flash drive with you collection of music to play during your party.

Warranty – this party speaker comes with a 1 year warranty.

2. Sony GTKXB7BC High Power Bluetooth Party Speaker

Your party will rock and comes to live when you purchase the Sony GTKXB7BC party speaker.

Especially when you activate the embedded LED lights and extra bass technology.

Your party will be insanely awesome with this fantastic party speaker to experience with great sound and exciting lighting features.

Multi colored rainbow effect and bright pure white effect can be the night’s charmer and excitement for the party.

You can even manage the light to lower or higher speed and according to the beat of the music that is currently playing.

Synced lighting will please the crowd at your party so you will feel the worth of this speaker.

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Main Features

The size – it is measured at 33″ x 17.5″ x 16.5″, Sony GTKXB7BC Bluetooth party speaker is pretty big and weighs approximately 26 pounds. Even with this size and weight, it still will be so easy to carry around for perfect setup. The setup could be a standing speaker or lay it down on its side for speaker capable of delivering powerful feel. The size would be good with limited space. What ever position you setup, vertical or horizontal, the speaker will adapt for optimal sound.

Extra Bass – there is a push button on the rear that says EXTRA BASS, to add bass power to you music during party. It strengthen and support bass lines to bring into existence a deep, forceful and with immediate impact bass sound. Just press the button to operate the bass mode, the recreation of powerful bass sound would start.

LED lights – fill up the full excitement with colored design LED speaker light. The Sony GTKXB7BC LED light speakers provide a multi color including white and rainbow light patterns. Operating at the same time with the speed, the power and beat rhythm, of the light display correspond the musical theme, beat, mood and atmosphere.

Two way design – an easy for bending two way setup will offer you excellent and very well sound. If you have a limited space you can flip the speaker or set it horizontally. It uses a sensor to modify the sound process into a stereo sound, whatever sound setup you prefer at the party.

ClearAudio+ – this technology is owned by Sony, and it works by automatically adjusts sound settings for improving the quality listening experience. By delivering both expert skill and advanced knowledge in digital signal processing technologies of Sony, this technology is capable to increase effectiveness of the audio to deliver clear and high quality sound constantly. Just pick your choice, gaming or enjoying music or enjoying movies, this technology will enhance the sound.

Party Chain – this means that this speaker can be connected to multiple stereos in a chain for a much higher sound output that you really want during party. You can operate one device to be connected and sync music with the other speaker systems in the chain for a maximum excitement.

Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) – improve and increase the maximum quality of your compressed music collection files. Sometimes a compressed music files loses the high frequency components that add pleasing deep and detail sound to tracks. The Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) will consistently work to restore high quality loses. DSEE technology will create highest quality sound that will sound like a a real live recording music.

GTK-XB7’s one-box design – it is a compact design to ease you with the carrying, you can just pick it up and party anywhere you prefer. IKt is design for portability and convenience. It also equipped with a built-in handle for carrying it anywhere.

SongPal app – start having the excitement of your music party settings with the SongPal app. You can get many music by downloading them onto your Android phone or iPhone. You can start managing wireless control of your party settings. Start the light effect or equalizer setting or DJ effects to bring excitement to the party. Use your USB filled with your playlist songs and manage the cue.

NFC and Bluetooth – the Bluetooth technology and Near Field Communication (NFC) eliminate the requirements for complex party setting or setup and wired connections. By using the NFC enabled device, you can start immediately the music streaming, seamless connection and connect to your headphones. Even if there is no NFC, you can still connect by using the Bluetooth and you can start in no time.

LDAC – it is the newest technology from Sony to have a high quality wireless audio via Bluetooth. With LDAC, the transmission of data is 3 times offering an enrich quality wireless listening experience.

Audio input and output – you can connect any audio equipment using audio output and input. Your TV can be hooked up for your home entertainment.

USB ports – this port will give you the flexibility to plug in a tablet, laptop, USB device, or Android phone and start playing your music files files. It is compatible with WAV, WMA and MP3 formats.

3. Altec Lansing ALP-XP800 Xpedition 8 Bluetooth Party Speaker

The Altec Lansing ALP-XP800 Xpedition 8 Bluetooth Party Speaker is the latest model manufacture by known brand Altec Lansing.

It is built to withstand dust and water.

It can stay in the water for up to 30 minutes for up to one meter deep.

With this feature, you can use the speaker for house party, beach party or for listening to music while on a camping.

It can offer a 420W of power which is impressive and can bring loudness and shake up the neighborhood.

You do not have to worry about charging the battery, it is up to 24 hour of battery life until a recharge.

The recharge process can be done using a standard 110 volt power outlet or 12 volt charger.

There is an available USB output for charging your media device or your phone.

The connection output or input is all located on the rear of the speaker, closed off on all side by a watertight seal.

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Main Features

Ingress Protection (IP) ratings of IP67 – the speaker is protected against external particles like dust and lint. This rating means a tight protection from dust. It is also protected from water intrusion. The level of water protection is 7 1 meter water depth immersion protection. The depth immersion protection of up to 1 meter of freshwater for 30 minutes.

LED light – can show party goers 12 color combinations. The light comes from the woofers with two strobe lights that will light according to the music theme and songs.

Dual 8″ woofers – this means that the Altec Lansing ALP-XP800 Xpedition 8 Bluetooth Party Speaker is a very powerful sound of bass. It will provide a massive bass listening during party.

420 watt – the high wattage means a higher maximum volume. Perfect choice for party that need higher volume speaker.

Beast mode – if you feel the bass is not enough, you can boost the bass by activating the Beast mode that will push the two woofers into overdrive. It would be a maximum bass power.

4. ION Audio Tailgater (iPA77) Bluetooth Party Speaker

This ION Audio Tailgater (iPA77) Bluetooth Party Speaker is a perfect choice if you are looking for if you are proposing all night long party.

This speaker can last all night long with a 50 hour battery life.

You do not even have to recharge the battery for 48 hours.

The rechargeable battery can also be used as USB power bank to recharge devices, such including tablets and smartphones.

It also has a Bluetooth connectivity for connecting with other audio devices.

If you have a wired device, you can just connect them via an auxiliary input.

Before the party started, you can tune in to an AM or FM radio station, that means you do not need any external devices for audio.

It can even accommodate karaoke by using the bundled microphone with this speaker to sing along.

This speaker can allow free app for iOS and Android to work together without conflict that will adapt to equalizer settings.

It can be easily carry around and transported, (even without wheels) using its two side handles.

The speaker is strengthened by rubber corner and tough, so you do not have to worry about damage when shifting it around.

It comes with a strong woofer and wide dispersion tweeter for a great sound quality.

It is also can adapt well when use outdoor and capable to deliver sound in the open areas.

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Main Features

50 Watt – will give a dynamic power of sound to provide a maximum excitement for a party.

The Size – it is measured at 9.21″ x 12.5″ x 13″ weighing at 16.8 pounds. With that weight, it not heavy to be transported since it is equipped with handles on its sides to lift it up.

Wireless connectivity – You can start streaming your pre plan music from any type of NFC or Bluetooth enabled mobile device, with a range up to 100 feet away.

Mic and cable – the speaker comes with the mic and cable for enjoying karaoke.

Tough built – the edges and the corners are reinforced to get the protection from hard bump and knocks.

1/8-inch auxiliary input – the input is for connecting to a CD player to play your rock or country or pop music collection and enjoy the music.

Radio – the speaker is equipped with AM or FM radio with buttons to store six AM and six FM local radio stations, and with a rubber antenna to get a strong reception of the local radio.

USB – there is a USB port attached that works as a powerbank which is powerful enough to charge your tablet, phone, or other portable music player, to keep your devices stay alive while having fun.

5. Acoustic Research Hatteras 40 Watt Bluetooth Party Speaker

Acoustic Research Hatteras Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is one elite Bluetooth party speaker equipped with two 20-watt amplifiers.

It deliver 40 watts of stereo sound in one tower system.

The size is large with dynamic sub woofer to offer waesome bass clarity.

Even it is consider as party speaker, it can work as home theater quality sound.

The Bluetooth connectivity provide you the flexibility to listen, to manage, to full control and to enjoy playing music with wireless connectivity from anywhere with your tablet or smartphone.

It is also water resistant to work well during any season.

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Main Features

Auxiliary input – with this input you can connect it with any CD player and you have the choice of direct connection.

LED light – equipped with 360 degree multi colored LED lighting, that can be adjusted to 6 variety of modes including pulse, solid color, dance, breathe, race, and party. The floor or the deck can be lightened.

4 full range drivers – it is able to provide 360 degree audio, and there is nothing like the bass it produce.

Weather resistant – the speaker is water resistant for outdoor use.

40 watts – equipped with 2-foot tower and two 20-watt amplifiers, combine to produce 40 watts of quality sound. It is big passive sub woofer to receive awesome quality sound.

Wireless and wired – it is a huge wireless Bluetooth outdoor and indoor party or normal use speaker which provide excitement while listening to your favorite music that features Bluetooth. The range of the wireless is 33 feet long serve by an advanced Bluetooth technology to deliver the highest quality, superior, clear sound wherever you transport it. You can talk from a distance of up to 33 feet to play and connect a crystal clear pure sound. Another option would be connecting to wired using the 3.5 millimeter stereo input AUX (auxiliary) input.

6. Toshiba TY-ASC400 Large High Power Indoor/Outdoor Bluetooth Party Speaker

The Toshiba TY-ASC400 Large Bluetooth Trolley Wireless High Power Indoor/Outdoor Stereo Speaker System is a great choice whether you are looking for a loud speaker for good listening or business purpose or to party all night.

It is designed for uppermost point level of accomplishment and performance.

The party speakers features including 100 watts of peak power, 5 color LED light that can flash like disco or dance floor, have DJ style control, SD port, extra bass power button, and a 5-band equalizer.

A further matter, the brand Toshiba is well known for making world class electronic products that would fulfill people’s hope for quality.

The party speaker can provide listening to music easy and simple with the capability of being connected to USB input.

Just plug the device and you are set to go.

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Main Features

The size – approximately 281 millimeter wide × 350 millimeter deep × 964 millimeter height and weighing 15.3 kilogram with stylish and strong look.

USB input – just plug any device to the USB input, you start listening to music with ease and simple. Do it with Plug & play.

SD port – you can play music by inserting an SD memory card into the SD card slot located on the front of the speaker unit.

Bluetooth connectivity – you do the streaming any music you want from your Android phone or iPhone to start playing your favorite artist or band.

5 band equalizer – one touch equalizer modes to offer your choice of sound modes immediately without hustle. There are 5 button modes for preset equalizer modes to choose from such as samba, jazz, rock, disco and pop mode. You can easily adjust the equalizer slide for 5 frequencies including 63Hz, 250Hz, 1kHz, 4kHz, and 12kHz on the unit.

LED lights – equipped with flashing lights modes – 5 colors, you can enjoy an excitement during party and spark the fun.

Transportable – the speaker is so easy to carry by using 2 casters and handle.

Extra bass – for a higher bass power, you can push the button and enjoy a better listening.

FM radio – the speaker is equipped with FM radio with automatic tuning as well as manual tuning. Just press the button the device will automatically preset after the tune in all of the local radio stations up to 50 preset channel.

4 x 100 watts power output – with much power, you can listen to music with satisfaction.

7. Pyle Pro PSUFM1035A Bluetooth Party Speaker

This Pyle Pro PSUFM1035A Bluetooth Party Speaker can really be the one to start a disco club.

It is packed with so much power, 1000 watts, is all you need to hear for party goers.

You can even go much louder with such power.

It is equipped with powerful Bluetooth connectivity to be compatible with many devices including iPod, tablet, Android phone or any Bluetooth devices, for streaming any favorite rock, pop or jazz songs just straightforward.

The distortion is minimal and the sound is very clear during the mid or the high volumes.

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Main Features

The size – 36.8” height x 15.2” wide x 13.6” deep weighing at 39 pounds, even if it is heavy, the speaker comes with a fitting well handles on the side panel that deliver carrying it around with ease.

Powerful Bluetooth connectivity – the speaker is known for its ease of streaming for your favorite music compatible for iPhones, Android phones, tablets, personal computer, laptop and other Bluetooth devices.

Dual 10” Woofer and Two 3” Piezo Tweeters – for a maximum dance party music listening, these speaker components can deliver just the perfect sound without worrying about distortion, even in high volumes. High enough and powerful enough to shake up the neighborhood. And can withstand a 1000 watt power.

USB Flash and SD Memory Card Readers – you can insert a USB flash drive to play music files. The other option is using an SD card for playing music files also.

USB charging port – you can recharge you Android phones or other device by plugin to the port.

FM radio – you can listen to your favorite local FM radio station but tuning and preset using a remote control.

Display screen – you can see from the display the information of play time, the FM radio frequency and the number of song available.

RCA output – you can even add power and synchronize to your speaker by connecting to passive speaker via the output.

DJ lights – you can get more fun and excitement by the built in three flashing light adapting to the rhythm and music theme.

8. Aiwa Exos-9 Portable Bluetooth Party Speaker

This high-quality Aiwa Exos-9 Bluetooth party speaker is what every party lover want and some more.

Its glossy and smooth black color design makes it one good reliable devices to hold any party for all young people or even people more than 35 years old.

The power, the quality, the style just enough to fill everything you need in a Bluetooth party speaker.

This awesome Bluetooth speaker will deliver to you 200 watts of continuous power that is powered by 5 high quality drivers including 6.5 inch dual voice coil sub that provide and contribute deep and high quality bass.

When it comes to sound this speaker can be categorize as one remarkable speaker.

Further than the above-mentioned speck or mark, the provided sound is pure and clear mid and high which are significant and important in the event of choosing and purchasing a Bluetooth party speaker.

If you have an expressive desire to know how this Bluetooth party speaker can provide enjoyment to party lovers, it will deliver a quality sound for more than 70 people.

The party would be much more fun and more excitement if you manage over your music with the capability of turning the mid, the bass and the high on higher level in accordance to your liking or you can adjust the right setting using the equalizer.

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Main Features

The size – 7.5″ x 11.7″ x 19.4″ weighing at 13 pounds is rather a bigger size Bluetooth party speaker. There is a handle for easy transport.

Wireless party speaker – you can do pairing two speakers of Aiwa Exos-9 together to start listening to quality tunes or stereo mode. All you have to do is pressing a button (Link button) on one of the speaker and you have to also press the LINK button on the other speaker. It will be paired fter this procedure. You can manage the audio through the master speaker by utilizing the music source or the controls located onboard. The maximum distance between the 2 units is 20 feet of each other without objects blocking the signal between the two speakers. To keep away from unwanted interference, do not place two units near a router.

Sharing and streaming with 50 feet Bluetooth Radius + NFC Pairing – you can do a lot of thing when you have a Bluetooth party speaker like Aiwa Exos-9. You can start streaming you favorite music connecting to your Android phones or other wireless device you like. You do not have to worry about the distance between the speaker and the wireless device because it can still work within 50 feet radius. The speaker can also offer NFC pairing if you prefer to use NFC as your streaming choice. To start the NFC pairing, touch it to the NFC icon located on the top of the top panel of the speaker. (A2DP, aptX, AAC, SBC codec support).

Equalizer – this speaker is equipped with 5 band equalizer. The Aiwa Exos-9 so you can move the button slightly for better sound according to your room acoustics or personal taste. There is an arrow, the left and right arrows, to select an equalizer band. There are also the 4 built-in equalizer presets to further improve the quality of your music. The preset including Hip hop and Dance, Rock, Jazz and classical preset. Just pick one preset to see what sounds best to you.

Auxiliary – you can listen to your favorite artist by headphones where you can plug into the Aiwa Exos-9. Any CD player, radios, personal computer, MP3 players, televisions, and many other devices can be brought together with the included 3.5 millimeter audio cable. The speaker will immediately change and adjust to auxiliary input when you plug a device. The display screen will display the auxiliary in when this input is in operational mode.

9 plus hours of battery life – the speaker comes with a 9+ hours continuous standard use with standard battery. It is also comes with quick swappable rechargeable battery pack and 2600 mAH 22V lithium-ion battery pack. Using an extended battery, this speaker can last up to 18 hours of operation.
When you use the Battery-save mode, it will save up to 20% battery life.

USB charging port – this means that you can recharge your Android phones or iPhones by just plug the USB cable to the USB charging port on the speaker panel.

200 watts of power – this will absolutely spark the fun and excitement during party. With clear and deep bass quality, listening to the music can bring a lot of enthusiasm and eagerness.

9. Samson Expedition XP800 800-Watt Portable PA System Bluetooth Party Speaker

This Samson Expedition XP800 800-Watt Portable PA System Bluetooth Party Speaker is one extremely impressive, powerful and awesome party speaker system.

It is powerful because it can provide a total of 800 watts which can kick your eagerness during party.

With these much power, it can deliver quality sound to an audience capacity of up to 100 people.

Whether you are having a house party or an outdoor beach party or outdoor wedding party, it can produce the required power needed.

With deep bass that it can offer, this speaker give sound quality that is quite awesome.The deep bass will come in handy when you are blowing up your favorite hip hop artist or rock stars.

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Main Features

Pairing with Bluetooth – the speaker can support pairing via Bluetooth connectivity that will deliver streaming wireless audio from any wireless devices such as smartphone, tablet, laptop or personal computer. Bluetooth will allow connectivity between many range of devices. To do this you just push the pair button and the speaker will become a discoverable device.

The size – 27″ x 17″ x 25″, weighing at 51 pounds or 18,8 kilograms. You can pack the powered mixer into the back of one of the speaker cabinets. The other speaker is has an accessory compartment to hold power cables. Both speakers feature slide and lock design to be one unit, this will make the entire system to pack up into just one unit. The size of the single unit is about as big as a carry on luggage. It is lightweight and designed just to be joined as a single, easy to move case.

The speakers – the speakers are 2-way vented enclosures with 8” woofers plus a 1-inch high frequency driver. They are meant to provide pure, clean, and clear sound.

Power amplifier – the speaker is equipped with 2 x 400 watt lightweight power amplifier to enhance and increase the powerful stereo sound.

Onboard mixer – the 8 channel mixer present 4 mic or line inputs. These inputs are to deliver connection to line level signal or micro phones and three stereo inputs for allowing connectivity of line signals from drum machines, MP3 players and keyboards. If you want to manage according to your own reference, you can tailor bass and treble controls for the sound of each input. There is also 24-bit digital effects to produce a very rich and great pleasure sound.

Connect to instrument – this speaker can be connected to many kind of instruments including electric acoustic guitar, keyboard, dynamic microphone, active sub woofer and many other compatible instruments.

10. The SOUNDBOKS 2 Bluetooth Party Speaker

This Soundboks 2 Bluetooth party speaker can provide the loudness of sound and keep listeners satisfied while enjoying a party.

If you are having a small 10-15 people party and playing a rather slower music, this would not be the right choice of party speaker.

It can deliver to 122 dB sound, which is very loud, and will absolutely spark all the fun and excitement of the party, if not it will shake up the neighborhood.

It is absolutely a very powerful portable party speaker you can get your hands on.

During outdoor party or beach party, this portable party speaker can boost sound with range of 100 yards and deliver fun to at least 100 people in one party.

If you expect to have a party that lasts, it comes with 2 batteries to last for 150 hours of playtime (about 6 days of playtime).

Even if you play with the loudest sound, this speaker can last 50 hours of playtime (about 2 days of playtime).

Imagine how you can have non stop partying during the weekend without any interruption or worry about having to recharge the batteries.

And the best of all, you can take out one battery for recharging and the other still in use.

This is remarkable, don’t you think?

Are you planning to have a beach party with a chance of rain?

You need no worry.

The speaker is built for outdoor party with features such as temperature resistant, shock resistant, weather resistant, and water resistant.

It would withstand about almost anything.

You will feel a relief and nothing to worry about while having an outdoor party.

With these many features, it would be worth the money with its rather higher price.

If you really want to satisfy your guests of about 100 people, you should consider spending a serious money for one impossible to forget party.

Soundboks itself is a company build by Jesper, Christoffer & Hjalte from Denmark.

They are party goers themselves during the early years.

They want to build and design a speaker system to deliver mind blowing parties that has to be extremely loud, has to be able to go anywhere, can last a very long time, and has to be proof of anything.

That just proof to you how the brand Soundboks was built for party and that is how they become party professionals.

The Bluetooth speaker can be this powerful, because it is supported by the fully digital, class-D amplifier.

If you think that it sound like a non sense words, you have to know that it could be 6 times more efficient than any regular stereo amplifier.

This is one awesome speaker will turn your party into a rather wildest party you can ever imagine.

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Main Features

The Sounboks – it comes with 2 x bass reflex tubes, 2 x 10” bass units, and 1 x high frequency unit and secured behind a steel grill and an aluminum frame that make up the main part of strong and vigorous design. The size is 25.6″ x 17″ x 13″ or 66 cm x 43 cm x 32 cm, weighing at 31.97 pounds or 14.5 kilograms. It is lightweight so you can carry around using a backpack.

The control panel – this is the part of the speaker where you manager volume, device input, modes and charge the battery while playing the Bluetooth speaker.

DC input – this the part where you can plug the charger directly into the speaker. This will make you capable of recharging the battery while playing or play directly from the charger. While you play directly from the charger without the battery, you would not be able to play at maximum volume.

AUX or Jack input – you can plug in your music device using the 3,5 millimeter AUX or jack cable if you do not have Bluetooth.

The battery – battery charging time is about 4 hours, so before you want to start a party, be sure you recharge the battery 4 hours prior and the battery can not be charge more than 6 hours to avoid damage. There are 5 available indicator lights on each battery to display the battery life. Each indicator light is the same as 20% of the battery’s capacity. Start to recharge the battery once there is only one indicator left. It can go for 8 hours on a 122 dB sound level, 30 hours on a 113 dB, and 100 hours on a 104 dB sound level.

3.0 Bluetooth – you can stream your favorite music by using the Bluetooth 3.0 module connectivity. You can play with Bluetooth to up to 60 feet or 20 meters away.

Integrated Psycho Acoustic Chip – this component will provide and deliver a booming bass, a good optimization for outdoor use.

11. Ultimate Ears Boom 3 Portable Bluetooth Party Speaker

This Ultimate Ears Boom 3 Portable Bluetooth Party Speaker might be just a small size portable Bluetooth speaker, but you can not underestimate the capability to support party.

If you have 100 people attend the party, you would need and pair up over 50 of these speakers at once. In fact, you can even pair up these speakers to up to 150 to each other during a party.

It might not be the perfect choice for a big party, but you could not count out its potential for supporting one.

It can deliver a pure, clear, loud, and a deep booming bass sound. With its battery, it can hold a long 15 hours of battery life, to party all night until dawn.

It is design for outdoor party like on the backyard, rooftops, on the beach, mountains, rooftops or even indoor party.

It will make noise as you want with many of your friends.

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Main Features

The size – 2.8″ diameter x 7.2″ height weighing at 1.34 pounds or 608 grams. with this size and weight, you can absolutely bring it everywhere you want.

Bluetooth – it comes with Bluetooth connectivity with a maximum radius range of 45 meters. It can be paired to up to 8 Bluetooth enabled source devices.

IP67 – this means that this Bluetooth speaker can withstand liquids with the protection that is limited to about 30 minutes of immersion. The speaker can immerse up to three feet or 1 meter of freshwater. It is water resistant but not water proof. If there is a splash of shower and even accidental quick dip in a kitchen sink or toilet. It will also be protected against accidental table spills and will be able to withstand the rain. The speaker also comes with the highest rating for dust protection, so you can take your Ultimate Ears Boom 3 Portable Bluetooth Party Speaker to the desert or the beach or even a dust storm.

Equalizer – you can select your acoustic profile for distinct instance of an event. For most environment and condition you can choose the Out Loud choice, Bass Boost for better deep bass sound profile, Intimate Spaces for indoor such as small room, space with walls and hard floor, and Vocals for movies, talk show or radio or podcast. With the fully customizable 5 band equalizer, you can adjust the mid, highs and lows so that the sound is just right for you.

Musical Alarm – this portable Bluetooth party speaker can help you waking up with your favorite songs, Spotify playlists, Pandora stations and more by using the app available.

The audio – the speaker comes with a maximum sound level of 90dBA with frequency range between 90Hz – 20kHz.

12. Sharper Image SBT1008 Bluetooth Party Speaker

This Sharper Image SBT1008 Bluetooth Party Speaker can support all kind of party including party for rockers.

It would be loud and it comes with a guitar jack.

You can pump up the crowd noise by playing riff from your favorite rock band to show off your guitar skills.

But the speaker is not just for rockers, for whatever you choose to utilize this speaker for, it will be awesome and it will be impressive.

When you are playing the guitar and the bass at the same time, the sound of the bass is natural, as well as other instrument.

The vocals sound at the mid and highs are both sound clear and pure.

But you must know and remember again that this speaker is not built for specific music genre.

Any music including Jazz, Hip hop, Pop or Classic, will sound above average and awesome.

If you wan to manage the speaker for specific music purpose, it provide a 5 band equalizer.

This speaker is portable and it is easy to carry around.

It is supplied with sliding handle and wheels at the bottom, so you can place it wherever suits you.

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Main Features

The dimension – 8.8″ x 10″ x 18″ weighing at 19 pounds. The weight is what make this Bluetooth speaker awesome, you can carry them around for a better placement and for planning for an event. It comes with a handle and wheel to make it even easier to transport.

Bluetooth – you can easily pair this speaker with an enabled Bluetooth device. All you have to do is press the select input button on the top of the speaker panel. wait until the led light turns to blue as an indicator that display Bluetooth. You have to have a maximum distance of 3 feet while pairing. Enable your tablet, Android phone or your laptop Bluetooth connectivity and you are ready to stream whatever favorite music you prefer to listen to.

Charging cord – this speaker has two type of charging cord. The first is the AC charging cord which is can be done by plugin the cord to the back of the speaker and plug the other end to a wall power source socket. The second cord is the DC charging cord which can be done by plugin the cord to the back of the speaker and the other end to you vehicle’s charging port. Before you do that, you have to ensure that the main power switch is in off position.

Guitar input port – this speaker comes with guitar input port, all you have to do is plug the jack of any electric guitar you have, into the guitar input port located on the top panel of the speaker. You can easily adjust the volume of the guitar sound using the guitar volume knob located beside the guitar port.

Equalizer – on the top panel, there is a 5 band equalizer knob. You can adjust the right sound to your preference by sliding up or down the knob until you find the right sound for you.

Mic – you can plug your favorite mic into the mic in jack to start singing or talking to the crowd. You have to have or purchase your mic because the mic is not included. The volume of the mic can be decrease or increase using the mic knob volume.

USB input port – you can use a USB flash drive full of your music collection and start playing music by plugin it into the USB input port for an easy listening.

Auxiliary – if you do not have Bluetooth devices, you can have the option of using the 3.5 millimeter Aux cable to plug to any devices.

13. Sharper Image SBT1009BK Bluetooth Party Speaker

The Sharper Image SBT1009BK Bluetooth Party Speaker is a very unique speaker that feature LED orb that is placed on top of the party speaker.

The LED orb shines bright colored full of light all over the nearby space.

The bright color light will absolutely provide a club like condition and atmosphere.

The advantage of having LED orb is that it will get the people to be dancing, shaking the emotional feel and increasing the party vibe.

The speaker create good deep bass and a clear high quality sound.

When you turn to the highest volume, the speaker still give the mids and highs clear and loud while providing the bass with extremely powerful.

The bass sound will even surprise anyone who listen to the sound produced by the Sharper Image SBT1009BK Bluetooth Party Speaker.

You will hear the bass sound as deep as it can be as well as low like it should be.

You can still make adjustment to the sound by adjusting it using the app that you can download on your Smartphone via Bluetooth.

On a full day party, you can rely on the fully charged rechargeable battery which is powerful.

This is something not to worry about when you just want to have pary all night long until dawn.

Check It Out

Main Features

The dimension – 8.8″ x 10″ x 18″ weighing at 19 pounds. The weight is what make this Bluetooth speaker awesome, you can carry them around for a better placement and for planning for an event. It comes with a handle and wheel to make it even easier to transport.

Bluetooth – you can easily pair this speaker with an enabled Bluetooth device. All you have to do is press the select input bu

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